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House Set to Vote on ACA Repeal: Contact Your U.S. Representatives

May 4, 2017

The American healthcare system touches each and every one of us. As healthcare professionals dedicated to serving people with, affected by and at risk for diabetes, AADE strongly believes our members should have a voice in this discussion. To assist you in that effort, AADE recently developed our organizational position on healthcare reform. Click here to read it.  

A lot of attention has been paid to pre-existing conditions. We especially encourage you to focus on that portion of our position document:

Preserve elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions
In the past, people with diabetes and other chronic diseases could be discriminated against based on their disease. AADE strongly urges that any healthcare reform plan under consideration preserve the elimination of preexisting condition exclusions.

As the House of Representatives prepares to vote on the American Healthcare Act, we encourage you to review the provisions of the bill and voice your perspective on its impact. It is critically important that you add your voice to this conversation.

Read the bill (does not include the latest amendment on pre-existing conditions)

Read the amendment on pre-existing conditions

Find your House representative  

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