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Starting December 1, 2017 Arriva Medical no Longer Supplying Diabetes Testing Supplies for Medicare Recipients

Nov 29, 2017

Medicare’s largest mail order supplier of diabetes testing supplies (DTS), Arriva Medical, is closing its doors on December 1, 2017.  Because Arriva supplies a majority of DTS for the Medicare mail-order program and is the only supplier of One Touch, their void in the marketplace and to our patients could be devastating.  Patients may not be able to get the supplies they need in a timely fashion and they will need to find alternative suppliers of their DTS.

AADE has spoken to CMS about the issue and is working to gather more detailed information as to what steps you and your patients can take to prepare.

However, initially, there are some immediate steps that can be taken to assist patients.

Arriva listed the following information on the website:

If you are a Medicare patient and you want to continue receiving diabetes testing supplies through the mail, Medicare may pay for 80% of those supplies if they are provided by a supplier that contracts with Medicare. To find a Medicare supplier, follow the instructions below:

Instructions for finding Medicare supplier:

  • Visit
  • Enter zip code and click "Go"
  • Select "Mail-Order Diabetic Supplies"
  • Click "Search" at the bottom of the page

Or you can call Medicare at 1-800-Medicare (1-800-633-4227).

If you are not a Medicare beneficiary, please contact your insurance provider for information regarding a new supplier.

You can also purchase diabetes testing supplies at a local pharmacy or other supplier, but out-of-pocket costs may differ based on brand and supplier.

You and your new supplier can obtain your prescription from your physician.

If you need to access your prescriptions or other records after November 30, 2017, please visit www.arrivamedical.comfor further instructions.

AADE will keep you informed about this issue and developments related to getting your patients their supplies.  

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