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AADE17: Be a Force for Change

Health care is changing. Our jobs are changing. Our patients’ treatment options are changing. Keep up and move ahead with AADE17, the one conference each year that puts in you in the driver’s seat of that change.

 AADE Announcements

Your Experience Led You Here, Now It's Time to Lead

If you are ready to make an impact on diabetes education, now is your chance to become part of the national leadership team.

Advocacy and Collaboration a Focus at the January Board Meeting

AADE’s Board of Directors met last month to set the course for 2017 and beyond. Read the highlights.

Lilly Discounted Insulin Program Available

As the conversation about the price of insulin heated up over the past several months, Eli Lilly announced a partnership with Express Scripts to offer access to discounted prices on insulin via the technology platform Blink Health.

AADE17 Commercial Contest

 Tech Savvy

Technology Workgroup Aims to Expand Reach of DSMES

AADE formed a Technology Workgroup in late 2015 as part of our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. The workgroup consists of AADE members and other key stakeholders connected to diabetes and technology.

Diabetes Technology Conference to Cover Key Topics of Interest to Diabetes Educators

This year’s conference will provide a deep dive into the new artificial pancreas hybrid closed loop system and cover the latest tools and technologies.

 Focus on Practice

Update to Practice Documents

One of AADE’s key projects in 2016 was to simplify the practice document structure. Previously, practice documents were separated into four categories, but we have now reduced that to two.

Challenging Motivational Interviewing: Patient-Centered Communication Skills Training

Patient-centered motivational interviewing (MI) skills can help achieve the sustained self-management behaviors and improved outcomes that are so important in today’s healthcare environment.

DSME Program Resources

Career Path Certificate Program

 Education Know-How

Feedback Impact: How AADE Uses Post-Learning Evaluation Surveys

We’ve all filled out post-learning evaluation surveys after participating in an educational program. Read how AADE uses the results from these surveys to improve educational offerings.

 Plugged into Prevention

Sharing Success: Family Medical Services Pharmacy

AADE’s current CDC grant-funded prevention program network has 44 programs in 17 states, making it one of the largest in-person Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) networks in the nation. Read one program's story.

 Reimbursement Primer

Reimbursement: Part of the Healthcare Conversation

Understanding revenue cycles and billing processes are essential components of reimbursement. Billing cycles have several steps and require initiation of systems that enable efficiency, as well as repeated communications in order for issues to be resolved.

CDE Exam Prep Materials

 Advocacy Corner

Movement in States to Roll Back Step Therapy Legislation

The AADE Advocacy department is joining a growing coalition of organizations working in specific states to pass legislation that will restrict the use of step or “fail first” therapy.

 Leader Board

Focus on Leadership

We are pleased to take a moment to present a good-natured look at the lives of AADE Board members who make significant contributions to the organization and specialty.

 Member Spotlight

Get to Know AADE Members

Learn about some of your fellow diabetes educators: what drives them, their challenges, and why they love their profession.


Top Conversations Online

Each quarter the threads that generated the most discussion among members on MY AADE NETWORK are recognized for their contribution to the community.

Reimbursement Boot Camp

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