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New Research Report Demonstrates Positive Impact of AADE DPP

A new original research report demonstrates the impact of AADE Diabetes Prevention Programs (AADE DPP). It was recently published in The Diabetes Educator and demonstrates the success of the AADE DPP model of implementing of the evidence-based CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) within nationally certified diabetes self-management education (DSME) programs. It details the original 25 AADE DPP grant-funded sites including participants’ aggregate data, average weight loss, attendance, and other variables reported from 2013 to 2015. The results revealed that participants of AADE DPP sites on average showed successful achievement of weight loss and other requirements set forth by the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention and Recognition Program (DPRP). The report demonstrates the success of the AADE DPP delivery model of implementing the National DPP within DSME’s and with oversight from a diabetes educator.

Read the full article.

AADE_DPPIncreasing access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program, through an array of networks, including certified DSME programs, will better ensure that people are able to engage in an effective approach to reducing their risk of diabetes. AADE looks to increase the AADE DPP network by offering DPP Lifestyle Coach trainings, Building Your DPP Workshops and other services to increase the number of DSME programs implementing the National DPP in 2017 and beyond. Learn more about AADE DPP services.


Health Observances and ​Trending Articles

National Health Observances

Fruits and Veggies - More Matters Month

Healthy Aging Month

Whole Grains Month

September 24: Family Health & Fitness Day

September 28: National Women's Health and Fitness Day

September 29: World Heart Day

September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month

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AADE17 Call for Education Proposals

The Annual Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit an education session proposal to be considered for presentation at AADE17, where more than 3,500 diabetes educators and other healthcare professionals are expected to gather Friday, August 4 - Monday, August 7, 2017. Presenting at the Annual Conference is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge, experiences and expertise with the diabetes education community. It will allow you to connect, collaborate and educate yourself and others about pressing diabetes-related issues. Learn more and submit a proposal.


New Position Statement and Practice Synopses Address Need and Role of Diabetes Educators

We recently published three new practice synopses, The Role of the Diabetes Educator in Inpatient Diabetes Management position statement, The Special Considerations in the Management and Education of Older Persons with Diabetes practice synopsis and Weight Loss Medications practice synopsis. They aim to inform and support the practice of diabetes education.

The Role of the Diabetes Educator in Inpatient Diabetes Management
position statement addresses the need for a diabetes educator be part of the inpatient interdisciplinary team to lead or support improvement efforts that affect patients hospitalized with diabetes or hyperglycemia. View the position statement.

The Special Considerations in the Management and Education of Older Persons with Diabetes practice synopsis describes the diabetes educator's role in the management and education of older persons within the AADE7 Self Care Behaviors™ framework.

The Weight Loss Medications practice synopsis discusses the need for diabetes educators to be familiar with the available weight loss medications. Read both the new synopses.



Reflecting on Another Successful Conference

AADE2016_0600Just over a month ago, many of you were with us in San Diego, participating in another Annual Conference. Now that things have settled down a bit, and we’re back into our daily routine, let’s reflect on what was our best (and biggest) conference yet.

3,697 professionals were in attendance, along with 190+ exhibitors. This is a 21 percent increase in attendees from 2015! Thank you to all who were able to make it to San Diego! If you weren’t able to attend AADE16, stay tuned for Sessions on Demand this fall.

We started the week off with four preconference courses, which were in high demand.We also hosted the first-ever #DSMA Live Twitter Chat with Cherise Shockley and co-host Scott Johnson. They facilitated a thought-provoking conversation between diabetes educators at the conference and people with diabetes through the Diabetes Online Community (#DOC).

AADE2016_0749All of the general session speakers were remarkable, with presentations on the current and future state of health care in the United States. One speaker in particular was rather stimulating, demonstrating his acrobatic skills to drive home his motivational speech on acting with purpose.

Like last year, we hosted Type 1 Day to focus on people with type 1 diabetes, and scheduled an education session in each time slot that day. New this year, was Prediabetes Day. This was big, and we wanted attendees to know about how we’re working on preventing and/or delaying type 2 diabetes, especially as CMS is considering expanding Medicare to cover these services. Learn more about the proposed ruling, and read AADE's comments.

We saw quite a few new faces on Twitter this year, and attendees blew up the hashtag #AADE16!

If you haven’t already, make sure to claim your CE credits! You only have until September 30 to do so.

The sheer number of attendees (plus your evaluations) tells us we’re doing something right to keep you coming back. Thank you for making it a fantastic conference. We’ll see you next year in Indianapolis, Friday, August 4 - Monday, August 7, 2017!


Patient Resources

New English/Spanish Tip Sheets Offer Suggestions for Improving Medication Adherence

fostering_med_adherence_ThumbnailEnsuring that medications are taken as prescribed can seem like a never-ending challenge. To help make it more manageable, AADE has created a series of tip sheets on medication adherence for both diabetes educators and people with diabetes.

For educators, they provide some suggestions about approaching the topic, offer characteristics of patients who may be at high risk and give predictors of poor adherence. There is also a checklist to use for ensuring that key questions are answered and topics addressed.

For people with diabetes, the tip sheets briefly cover the importance of taking medications as prescribed, discuss the roles of various providers and offer strategies for remembering to take medicines on time and in the correct way. Like the provider tip sheets, we offer a checklist for patients. They are offered in both English and Spanish.

Check out all our PWD-focused tip sheets.

These tip sheets were developed with an independent grant from Merck. We thank them for their generosity.



Professional Development

Core Concepts Course, Dallas

San-Diego-CCC-Banner_no-palmCORE Concepts® Course is taking over Dallas, TX September 29 through October 1.

Invest three days into expanding your knowledge of diabetes education. Join your colleagues and three instructors to compare and contrast the pathophysiology of each diabetes type through case studies. Throughout this course, you’ll discuss types, tools, frequency and targets of blood glucose monitoring, and strategize ways to promote healthy eating, getting active, healthy coping methods and more.

This isn’t your typical lecture-style conference. You will learn through hands-on activities, like a carb-counting skills workshop, and interactive discussions with your peers and instructors. Plus, you’ll gain access to online materials to help you continue your studies.

Leave with 22 CE and confidence in your knowledge of diabetes education.




Learn How to Remove Barriers in Diabetes Education and Prevention Programs

As the discussion continues around Medicare paying for diabetes prevention services, it is more important than ever to remove barriers to starting new programs or improving existing ones. There are many components required to operate a successful program and navigating this maze can be challenging.

Register for the two-day Building Your Diabetes Education and Prevention Program workshop in Chicago, IL on Friday, October 21 to Saturday, October 22 at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare.

The workshop will cover:

  • A comprehensive review of the National Standards/National Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Reimbursement and documentation strategies for DSME
  • Setting SMART goals and developing a CQI process
  • Live chart auditing to help you develop your own charting requirements
  • Marketing, recruitment and sustainability tools
  • Skills to build a business case for adding a diabetes prevention program to an existing DSME program
  • Current landscape for reimbursement of prevention

Plus, earn 10 CE and leave with binder full of sample resources to use in your own practice.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate! The deadline for the lowest hotel rate is Thursday, September 29.

Boost your confidence in your program.





Advocacy Update

Members’ Actions Succeed in Gaining Co-Sponsor for Federal Bill

Because AADE members are the main voice for diabetes educators in the US, your advocacy efforts make a difference in the lives of other educators and your patients. When you take action, especially using face-to-face communication, you make AADE’s advocacy program stronger.

Two North Dakota members demonstrated that strength when they talked to their congressman, Representative Kevin Cramer, at town-hall meetings.

Thanks to this important work, Congressman Cramer agreed to sign onto the bill as a co-sponsor.

Grace Tinderholt describes this successful meeting:

I am a Certified Diabetes Educator at Great Plains Clinic in Dickinson ND. On August 4, 2016 the director of our diabetes clinic and I had the positive experience of attending a town hall meeting with Congressman Kevin Cramer. We presented information about H.R. 1726, the Access to Quality Diabetes Education Act of 2015, and asked for the congressman’s support of this important legislation.

Over twenty people attended the town hall meeting at a local coffee shop. Anyone at the meeting had the opportunity to speak. I presented statistical information about the prevalence and costs of diabetes in America, and explained that improved access to diabetes education could reduce human pain and suffering and could save money through the prevention of complications. Congressman Cramer was very receptive. He spoke highly about the importance of preventive health care, and emphasized that it makes good economic sense to spend money on keeping people well. He said that he and his staff were in the process of vetting the bill, and he was likely to support it. He also said that the best lobbyists are people like us, who have personal experience with the matter at hand.

I followed up with an e-mail to the congressman’s office. I received a reply from a staffer, saying that Congressman Cramer has decided to co-sponsor H.R. 1726.

Lisa Thorp describes her experience at the town-hall meeting:

AADE notified me that Kevin Cramer was going to be in town for a town hall meeting. I took copies of the bill, looked up the current language of SSA and brought a copy of that as well, along with [North Dakota] stats. I can only imagine the reams of paper that are presented to them – so kept it concise and showed them the difference in the language, and explained the reimbursement barriers I encounter. The town hall meeting was very informal with local residents floating thoughts and concerns and there was a natural segue into healthcare. Our hospital CEO was in attendance as well, and I also brought our dietitian with me. I simply asked him for his support of the bill in front of the group. He had his senior advisor visit with me briefly afterwards and I gave him copies of the information. He did say “he didn’t see a problem” supporting the bill. I followed up with an email after the meeting.”

These members met with their Congressman and were able to communicate to him how important diabetes education is for the well-being of his constituents. Through their well-planned actions, AADE’s federal bill will gain another co-sponsor.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact AADE Director of Federal and State Advocacy, Kurt Anderson at


AADE's Industry Allies Council


The AADE Industry Allies Council (IAC) is a group of key industry partners who demonstrate strong commitment and support to the professional community of diabetes educators and the organizational goals and work of AADE. Eighteen industry companies participate on the council each year, and a majority of these partners serve a global audience.

In a new effort to highlight members of the IAC and their partnership with AADE, we are launching IAC Spotlight. This will be a brief feature in the monthly eFYI newsletter to share how the various IAC partners work in conjunction with AADE to support diabetes education and diabetes educators.

IAC Spotlight: Ascensia Diabetes Care

By: Judy Manning, Head, US Commercial Marketing, Ascensia Diabetes Care

Ascensia_IACAscensia Diabetes Care is a global specialist diabetes care company. Ascensia is “only diabetes”, meaning that 100% of our time is focused on helping people living with diabetes, whether that is an individual patient, the family member that looks after them or the healthcare professional that helps manage their care. This is clearly laid out in the company mission to empower people living with diabetes through innovative solutions that simplify and improve their lives. Read more about Ascensia Diabetes Care and their connection to AADE.


IAC Spotlight: BD Medical - Diabetes Care

By: Jade Cantor, Senior Brand Manager, BD US Diabetes Care

bd logo

As a leader in insulin delivery, BD Diabetes Care has a long history of advancing the science of insulin injection technique and has again reaffirmed this commitment by partnering with global diabetes experts to lead the development of new insulin injection, infusion, and safety recommendations. BD Diabetes Care has been a longstanding member of AADE’s Industry Allies Council. Learn more about new clinical recommendations from BD Diabetes Care.



Build Your Network with This New Feature

You can now choose to connect with or follow other members on MY AADE NETWORK and view how they are participating online, by using the new My Network feature. With My Network, you can connect with other members and view their activities in real time on your personal activity stream.

add to network MAN

Adding a member to your network.

There are two types of members within the My Network feature:

Connections: Members who have made a mutual network with each other. Members can request to connect with other members, but their request will have to be approved before they are added to another member’s My Network. Also, visibility settings on My Page can be changed to show information to only those members listed as a connection.

Followers: Members who have subscribed to another member’s activities, even if they aren’t connected. Members can follow other members on the site in order to stay up to date on their participation.

For more information on how to get started with this new feature on MY AADE NETWORK, read our full guide to using My Network.


Membership Update

Your Colleagues Belong Too

membership_champDon’t let your friends and coworkers miss out on all that AADE has to offer. Encourage them to join you as members and enter the Summer Member Referral Contest, which is rapidly coming to a close.

To enter for your chance to win one of five memberships, simply complete this brief online form to refer your colleague. Once they join, you’ll receive an entry into the drawing. The people more you refer who join, the more chances you have to save $165 with a free membership (or you can gift the membership to another peer).

With only days remaining this summer, don’t put off entering. Your chance to enter ends September 30.


September 2016


September 28: Practical Suggestions in Working with Adults with Diabetes and Mental Illness webinar

September 29 - October 1: Core Concepts Course in Dallas, TX