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May 26, 2015

I am writing my final post as an AADE blogger.  The last two and a half years have provided me an opportunity to grow as an educator and to connect with other educators and people with diabetes.  About two months ago, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to work with a pharmaceutical company as a Diabetes Education Manager.  I did not have intentions to find new employment but when a friend told me about the position, I did not want to miss out on this opportunity.  There was no guarantee I would get the job offer, but I would never know unless I tried.

My new role includes overseeing a group of diabetes educators who provide diabetes education in the community and health care settings.  This will give me an opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with other educators and health care providers.  There is a move towards quality improvement in primary and acute care settings, especially with the increase in patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations.

The company I am currently employed with just went through an expansion and hired diabetes educators to address the needs of a growing population.  Several diabetes educators who were working in primary care settings or outpatient diabetes education centers were seeking positions for the role.  I was curious to know if there will be a shift of educators from these kinds of settings into industry such as pharmaceutical, insulin pump, and meter companies.

What are your thoughts about diabetes educators moving into industry positions?  What are some contributions that we can make to the field of diabetes education?

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