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Let's Talk About Pumps

May 26, 2015

I work with a largely older Mexican-American adult population and have not had much success with starting patients on insulin pumps because they don't meet the qualification criteria or they lack the literacy skills to manage one.

Carbohydrate counting and physical limitations such as poor manual dexterity or impaired vision have been barriers to successful pump training in my patient population. As a result, I have lost my skills in pump management and have not kept up with the latest trends. Recently I had a patient who was requesting an insulin pump and I realized I have not worked with pumps for over three years and I could not remember the labs needed. What I do remember is that patients on pumps need a lot of invested time and I am ambivalent about starting patients on pumps.

In general, I wonder what percentage of patients with diabetes currently uses an insulin pump. I found a website listing common insulin pumps currently available on the market.

A lot of questions and discussion regarding pumps currently has been ongoing on the specialty groups on MyAADENetwork and I am rethinking my strategy for getting more patients interested on initiating use of insulin pumps.

Are you a pump expert? What tips do you have for me or others who have lost our skills or want to get back into pump training?

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