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Patient-Centered Medical Home: Job Opportunities for Diabetes Educators?

May 26, 2015

During the AADE conference, I attended an interesting presentation about Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). The concept of PCMHs incorporates practice organization, health information technology, quality measures, and the patient experience to deliver coordinated care and improve quality and outcomes.

I thought it was a wonderful idea for diabetes educators to market their expertise and broaden business opportunities. After researching, reviewing, and reading the description and concept of PCMH, I began to think: “Isn't this what diabetes educators do everyday?”

After all, we participate in coordinating care with primary care providers, specialist, social workers, physical therapy, dieticians, nurses, etc. It would be interesting to know how many diabetes educators have participated or are currently participating in PCMH. There are several demonstration programs currently being conducted and funded by state and federal organizations. Are any of you involved in a PCMH?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is also soliciting information on demonstration projects to improve delivery of quality care and improve outcomes. The National Committee for Qaulity Assurance ,a not-for profit organization that performs reviews of insurance plans, recognizes practices who have undergone rigorous steps to ensure they meet the criteria for PCMH.

The reason that I am interested in PCMH and want to invite others to consider becoming involved is because I can see the value and expertise diabetes educators can provide to practices which might not have experience in coordinating the care for patients with diabetes. Diabetes educators have become experts in performing such activities. In a time in which diabetes programs might be closing or not opening, and reimbursement has stalled, diabetes educators might think about venturing into entrepreneurial programs such as establishing PCMHs.

Do you think diabetes educators can take an active role in establishing PCMHs?

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