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Heading Back to College: Resources For A Safe Semester

Sep 03, 2020

By The College Diabetes Network  

The College Diabetes Network (CDN) has been raising awareness of available resources for higher education administration. These resources will better prepare all in higher education to serve their students with type 1 diabetes. 

Colleges and universities have been struggling with how to safely have students attend classes on campus this fall. Whether to attend in-person classes, learn remotely, or offer a hybrid model is a particularly stressful decision for college-aged students living with chronic illnesses, like type one diabetes. Many are concerned about their ability to stay safe while living and learning on campus. Students often have to self-advocate with campus administrators, explaining type 1 diabetes and the accommodations they need to be safe and successful. 

Over the past 10 years, CDN has supported young adults living with type one with programs, including over almost 160 campus-based chapters, as well as resources. However, students report a lack of understanding among campus departments and working with staff to better understand their illness. The need for a better understanding of chronic illness in college settings goes beyond the diabetes community — there are students living with a wide array of illnesses on every campus in America. CDN launched CDN REACH™ last fall to bridge the gap between campus administration and those students. 

CDN REACH™ is an initiative working with major institutions in higher education and diabetes nationally to ensure all students are safe and supported as they make the journey from home to campus (digitally or in-person). CDN has released three guides for campus departments that often work directly with students — campus health centers, disability services offices and counseling centers. These digital guides were released this summer and are available for free for all campus administrators.  

Here is how you can ensure your young adult patients are safe and supported this semester: 

  1. Consider requesting copies of our three CDN REACH™ guides. It can be helpful for young adults to understand that campus administrators often know nothing about diabetes and need to start from scratch. Students can also request these guides to bring to campus this fall!
  2. Share these guides with your alma mater. Explain to them that you want to ensure they are supporting those students living with diabetes, especially in today’s climate. 
  3. Tell your colleagues, even those who don’t work with young adults. They might see patients who work in higher education and would be interested in these guides! 

Have questions? You can email Anna, CDN’s Program Director, at


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