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Renewing knowledge with the AADE14 Virtual Meeting

Aug 06, 2014

I always look forward to AADE Annual Meetings and I’m bummed when I can’t attend! I have really loved the option of the Virtual Meeting since I am a mom of two little ones. Traveling several days with a baby at home can be a challenging childcare puzzle. I’m sure many of you can relate! I have done the Virtual Meeting since it has been offered and every year the user interface continues to improve and it is really quite simple to navigate. I love being able to fit it in to my schedule or watch a session after my kids have gone to bed.

“Nutrition Adequacy of Various Popular Diets” is one of the sessions offered and I’m really looking forward to that one. Fad and trendy diets have always intrigued me and I love staying up to date on the latest ones so I can educate my patient on the pros and cons as well as dangers. I want to know about the trends before my patients ask my opinion.

I’m also looking forward to learning about “Musculoskeletal Complications of Diabetes”. We don’t hear enough about the musculoskeletal complications. There have been many times when a patient with diabetes is sharing with me a list of ailments that they have and asking if it is related to diabetes. Of course, I refer them to their physician- but I would love to learn more about the connection between joints and muscles and blood glucose control since there is not much information about this type of complication.

It’s not too late to register for the Virtual Meeting! I would highly recommend it if you cannot attend the annual meeting this year.

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