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Day One of Annual Meeting-WOW!

Aug 04, 2011

WOW! That is the best way to describe the Annual Meeting so far. I am so glad I attended the opening sessions yesterday --I now have a better understanding of the Affordable Care Act. I've heard about Senators and others who voted for or against the Bill, but had not read it...and I've heard interviews where the talk show hosts try to pin down members of Congress to describe what is in the Bill and they admit they are not sure. That was a bit worrisome to me.

But during Wednesday's opening General Session, I was so encouraged to hear that the panelists understand what is going on. They have read it, and they admit that "it keeps them awake at night." I feel better now knowing that someone is informed, knowledgeable and concerned - not that others are not, but I have not heard them state that fact. I also liked the comment made by Dr. Keckley - "When all think alike, not much thinking is going on." Good thing to remember - as my son once told me - "If you and I brainstorm, we can come up with 3 ideas - yours, mine and ours." I try to remember that when talking with others that might not share my views or opinions.

After that, I went to my first breakout session. Iris Sanchez, one of my fellow bloggers, delivered a presentation about shared medical visits. With continued access problems, not enough healthcare providers to go around and more, and more patients seeking help, it is important that we try new ways to provide education and care for our patients. The clinic I work at needs to try something different - think outside the traditional box. I plan to take the info from Dr. Sanchez back to share with my endo and NP and see what we can do to improve patient care, education and satisfaction.

After a brief twirl around the exhibit hall to try some food samples (which also provided my lunch), it was on to the afternoon session presented by Donna Journsay and Lucille Hughes. I am also responsible for inpatient education as my Internal Med Clinic is connected to the hospital - I get about 4-5 calls a week from desperate floor nurses requesting that I see a patient who is ready for dismissal ASAP. I was encouraged by this team to go forward with my idea about developing Diabetes Champions or DM Resource Nurses on the nursing units. I plan to use the data from that session to present my case to the nursing admins and get their support.

The Product Theater that I attended Wednesday evening was also outstanding. I had the good fortune to work with Dr. Reasner when I was the Director of Education at the Texas Diabetes Institute. I am always so amazed by his incredible depth of understanding and how he can explain concepts such as GLP1 and its relationship to DPP4 in an easy, underrstandable way. Melissa Magwire also did a great job of moderating the program. The patients gave me some great ideas on how to help my patients when taking that first injection, be it of insulin or Vicotoza.

Wello - I am off to the next event, and I can't wait for what's in store tomorrow!

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