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Saying farewell to a dear colleague

Feb 19, 2013

Get out your hankies!!  It’s a sad day for the diabetes world.  Richard Rubin announced that he was writing his last article for Diabetes Wellness News and retiring. 

Unfortunately, it is not a happy parting for several reasons.

I met Richard many years ago when he and I crossed paths at AADE.  We have served on a variety of AADE committees over the past at least 25 years.  Richard has held numerous positions with AADE over the years and was a member (1988-1991) and Chairman (1990-91) of the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators. 

Richard has also served as an American Diabetes Association volunteer for 30 years.  He has served on the ADA in many capacities including president of Health Care and Education, chair of the Committee on Professional Councils, and chair of the Council on Behavioral Medicine and Psychology. For his incredible energy and support, the American Diabetes Association named him Outstanding Educator in Diabetes in 1997.

Most of us learned to know and love him from his 200+ publications as well as the books many of us keep within handy reach on our shelves such as 101 Tips for Coping with Diabetes; Psyching Out Diabetes (three editions); Sweet Kids (two editions); Optimal Pumping; The Johns Hopkins Guide to Diabetes; and Your Baby, Your Toddler, and Your Preschooler. He is also co-editor of Practical Psychology for Diabetes Clinicians (two editions) and of The Core Curriculum for Diabetes Education (third edition.)

Richard has represented diabetes educators and clinicians around the world as a speaker to lay gatherings as well as professional groups in many foreign countries including Japan, Germany, Mexico, England, Denmark, Lithuania, and Finland.

Although Richard’s credentials read PhD, his biggest claim to fame and motivation came from being D-A-D.  If I remember the story he told correctly, Richard got involved with diabetes because his sister and young son had diabetes and like many parents, Richard threw his entire heart and soul into elevating and promoting the field of diabetes education, research and treatment. 

Richard was diagnosed with prostate cancer over six years ago.  At any meeting I have attended, Richard has always been very open about sharing his problems as well as his successes.  This has made him quite endearing so many of us consider him a professor, researcher, mentor, role model and friend.  Richard received the news a few years ago that the cancer had spread to his bones and recently to his liver.  Per his last column in Diabetes Wellness News, his latest round of chemo has been successful and he is feeling fine. I want to just take a moment to thank him for his many wonderful contributions.


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  1. Feb 25, 2013

    Thank you Barb for the wonderful tribute to Richard. I first met Richard in the mid 90's when he came to Dallas to present at a CME our hospital sponsored. Of all the presentations that day, Richard's presentation was the most attended. I was so impressed with his gentle manner and obvious passion for supporting individuals with diabetes in a holistic manner. I have enjoyed reading all his books and have learned so much. I join you in saying Thank You Richard for everything you have done in the field of diabetes care and education and especially for those living with diabetes. PJ Pugh
  2. Feb 22, 2013

    Dr. Rubin, Thank you for the contributions made to realm of diabetes care. Your presentations, articles and books will always be a core reference in providing excellent care for those living in diabetes.

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