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What's in store at AADE14

Jul 15, 2014

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”  This John Denver song reminds me that AADE14 in sunny Orlando, Florida is less than 30 days away!

Can you believe that it’s time again? I am excited (as usual) to meet up with my colleagues from around the country and to share new ideas and to continue to discuss ongoing CDE issues. For some reason, it makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one who is having problems with getting my patients to follow their DSME recommendations!

There is an incredible keynote speaker lineup; starting with Wednesday morning’s opening remarks by Jonathan Oberlander who will update us on the effects of new healthcare policies on diabetes (and the impact on our jobs). Thursday, our very own Martha Funnell will update us on the latest DAWN2 findings. Friday, we kick off with Angela McBride who will challenge us to examine our roles as CDEs and health educators and encourage us to take the lead in many areas of diabetes care. Saturday sends us off with a motivational presentation from Carolyn Clancy as she inspires us to empower our patients to step up and take an active role in managing their diabetes.

After these incredible speakers jolt us into “thinking mode,” each day is then packed with a variety of breakout sessions. There is truly something for everyone.

In addition to educational sessions there is the Market Place (or Exhibit Hall). I could (and often do) spend hours there looking and getting hands-on experience with the many new products being developed to make my patients’ lives and my life easier. I find it fascinating how creative and foresighted these entrepreneurs are in the development of new products, drugs and services. I have to really watch the time I spend on the Market Place floor so that I do not miss my educational sessions!

You don't want to miss the daily Product Theaters where the corporate sponsors have a chance to do a more in-depth presentation and answer your questions about the many products available to improve our patients’ daily lives.

Wednesday, around lunchtime, you can wander around the Poster Sessions. This is where you can meet with colleagues to discuss their recent projects, and see if someone has some ideas to resolve issues you might be pondering back at home.

Do not forget about the Virtual Meeting option. If you cannot get away from home or work, you can attend a variety of sessions from the comfort of your home or office.

It is not too late to register for AADE14. If this sounds like an exciting, fun, motivational place to be – you are right! Join me at the AADE14 in Orlando, Florida. And don’t forget to set aside some time for rest and relaxation – lots to see and do in August.

See you there- I have to start packing!

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  1. Jul 21, 2014

    I am a first timer at the convention and this is all a bit overwhelming to me right now. I have just started into my 1000 required hours to become a CDE. What insights and suggestions does the community have for a newbie? I will not know anyone there but that will quickly change.

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