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Opportunity to Set the Stage for Changing Diabetes Technology

May 14, 2012

Have you had patients share with you their frustrations at not being able to see the screen on the pump? Of having a hypoglycemic reaction and being unable get the wrapper off the glucose tabs? Of having to wait for long periods of time to download insulin pumps or to have the software not work with their old computer? Or maybe a patient just has a great idea they would like to share. 

A new contest, Patient Voices, has just been launched by Diabetes Mine, one of the better-known online patient resource sites. The contest involves sharing concerns about diabetes device design with individuals designing the projects. So, rather than grumbling and complaining under their breath, individuals can actually reach out to those who do make changes!

The goal of the competition is to create a “think tank” of individuals who want to make the diabetes technology world even better. What a great concept! 

So think back over the last few weeks or months, and consider those times where one of your patients wished there was someone to call to express how they thought technology could do a better job and encourage them to sign up to share their concerns and suggestions! The patient-centered (or parents of children) competition requires a 2-3 minute video submission describing what your patients would like to see from the diabetes device makers, and what issues there are right now. For example: I wish there was a meter that cross country skiers could use that would not get too cold to work! Or maybe a talking pump that could help individuals with failing sight.

There is a great video that explains the competition in detail.

Share the link with your colleagues and patients:

The deadline is June 12, 2012 so hurry up and get those videos in.


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  1. May 21, 2012

    I have a 23 y/o type 1 who is looking for a support group! We live in the rural area of Central VA. and looking for groups located in the Richmond Area. Any resources or ideas are appreciated. Thank You
  2. May 16, 2012

    Patricia: You may want to ask that question on MY AADE NETWORK, AADE's social networking site. You can start by asking all your colleagues in New York since that's the state coordinating body you belong to. Charlotte: This isn't a "site to test" as much as it's a contest being sponsored by Diabetes Mine, a blog that is written by patients for patients. We're just helping them promote what we thought was a great idea for a contest...and great way to generate innovative ideas for developing patient-friendly technologies. Check out the link Carla gave in her blog post. - Diana Pihos, AADE Communications Director
  3. May 16, 2012

    HI, could you tell me more about the site and the down load times...I would like to test it and see if I can help patients. Charlotte MBA (internet marketing), CDE RD
  4. May 15, 2012

    Does anyone have a good resource for handouts for the lower literacy person? I love the idea for the AADE 7 handouts on the site but would like one with more pictures and less words to use for these people. Any ideas I would love to hear email me

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