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It’s great to be in Indy at the AADE National Meeting!

Aug 02, 2012

I’m in Indy enjoying the city, reconnecting with old friends, making new acquaintances and realizing how happy I am that I came to the AADE national meeting.  It’s always hard to choose which session to attend!  Since I love working with individuals with type 1 diabetes on insulin pumps, I headed for the symposium, “Get Pumped! Educators’ Best Practices for Success with Insulin Pump Therapy.”  The presenting faculty, which included Gary Scheiner, Jen Block, Alison Evert and Davido Kruger, were terrific!  Pearls of wisdom to maximize pump therapy included: the importance of using software to download the pump and review the results with the patient; discussing basal rate checks to make sure the background dosing is set correctly; reviewing the option of multiple basal rates (such as one for exercise vs. non exercise days); and utilizing professional CGMS technology throughout the year to help determine the correct doses for basal rates, carbohydrates, and correction doses.  I think one of my own take home messages is to send a reminder notice to my pump patients to return for a follow up visit.  Maximizing pump therapy options takes time and more than one head to think through the options! 

I was headed to the exhibits today and saw the pumps that have been recently approved through the FDA, adding to the options available to our insulin using patients. It’s always good to talk to the company representatives one-on-one and to hold the new devices in my hand as I push buttons and learn all the new options they provide.

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