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What Happened in the Diabetes World in 2017?

Jan 06, 2018

What a whirlwind of activity for people with diabetes in 2017. New medications, delivery devices, and BG monitoring options— not to mention the oodles of cell phone apps now available for the techno-savvy!

Here’s a look at some of the great options approved/and or available in 2017! Combined medications that simplify management for people with diabetes, super rapid insulin that may reduce post prandial hyperglycemia, devices that allow people with diabetes to enjoy more lifestyle flexibility, integrated insulin pump technology that minimizes risk of hypoglycemia and has the potential to reduce glucose variability. Wow!

Xultophy (Novo)
  Long acting insulin + GLP 1
Soliqua (Sanofi)
  Long acting insulin + GLP 1
Steglatro (Merck)
Qtern (Astra-Zeneca)
  SGLT-2 + DPP4
Ozempic (Novo)
Jardiance (Boehringer-Ingelheim)
  Now FDA approved for the reduction in heart disease related deaths in persons with type 2 diabetes
FIASP (Novo)
  Super rapid acting insulin
t:slim X2 (Tandem)
  Insulin pump with integrated Dexcom G5 and upload capability to new software
FreeStyle Libre Flash (Abbott Diabetes Care)
  Personal CGM
Dexcom G5
  Now approved for Medicare patients on MDI who meet the criteria
MiniMed 670G System (Medtronic)
  Hybrid closed-loop insulin pump and sensor
Inpen (Companion Medical)
  Wirelessly enabled pen associated with smart phone
Humalog Junior KwikPen (Lilly)
  Prefilled, rapid-acting pen with 0.5 unit dosing


I can hardly wait to see what 2018 will hold! New medications? Fingerless BG assessment? And when will the artificial pancreas emerge? I am confident I can now say it is in the not-too-distant future. I’m looking forward to all the new options for people with diabetes in an effort to manage this tedious, and unrelenting condition!
I wish you all a very happy New Year and await the next big breakthrough that enhances the lives of all those with whom we work!

Carla Cox

About the Author:

Carla Cox is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. She has been a certified diabetes educator for over 25 years, and served as an assistant adjunct professor for 14 years, teaching in areas of sports nutrition and exercise physiology. Currently she works in Missoula, Montana as a diabetes educator in both in- and outpatient settings.

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