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Feedback Impact: How AADE Uses Post-Learning Evaluation Surveys

Feb 08, 2017

We’ve all filled out post-learning evaluation surveys after participating in an educational program. Maybe it was after a talk at a conference, or maybe it was after taking an online course. The trainers asked how we liked the teaching methods, whether the materials were useful, and whether we ended up feeling that we learned something. 

If you participate in any of AADE’s continuing education programs, you’ll be asked questions like these. But why do we ask the questions we do, and what do we do with the answers we get? In short, the two key ways we use these survey results are planning and improvement.

Evidence-based planning

As an educator, you may already be familiar with Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Learning or Moore’s Outcome Levels. Both are criteria that help evaluate the success of educational programs by measuring learner reaction, satisfaction, learning, and results.

The AADE post-learning evaluation survey is designed to gather some of this information—helping us to understand how satisfied our learners are. We use this information when we decide which educational programs to offer in the future. The Education department and education planning team review the scores a program receives and consider the comments from learners to help inform decisions about the educational programs we offer. 

This continuous improvement process for our educational programs is akin to the continuous quality improvement (CQI) process that should be part of any diabetes education program

We bring these evaluation survey results together with other data, including educational needs surveys, participation numbers, and industry trends. Using this information, we decide which topics to cover, how advanced the education will be, and what format to deliver it in—such as an online course, webinar, or in-person training.

Continuous quality improvement 

The evaluation survey results are invaluable to AADE when it comes time to update online courses, webinar materials, and in-person trainings. We regularly review survey comments to find spots in our training that may need repair (e.g. a link that is broken in an online course), or to get ideas for how to improve something (e.g. a suggestion to cover a topic in more depth).

This continuous improvement process for our educational programs is akin to the continuous quality improvement (CQI) process that is part of any diabetes education program. We write the post-learning evaluation survey questions and keep in mind that the feedback we receive will loop into the next round of development.

We hope the next time you answer one of our post-learning surveys you will have a sense of how important it is to AADE continuing education programs. Your feedback is some of the most important input we get.

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