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Sharing Success: Family Medical Services Pharmacy

Feb 08, 2017

AADE’s current CDC grant-funded prevention program network has 44 programs in 17 states, making it one of the largest in-person Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) networks in the nation. We are especially proud that our model of prevention within DSMES programs has proven effective and makes up about half of all CDC Fully Recognized DPP programs.

All AADE programs are growing - both in capacity and in success. In 2016 the state of Kentucky had approximately 55 CDC Recognized DPP programs total and the eight AADE DPP sites alone served 54 percent of all DPP enrollees. Nationally, AADE DPP programs have served about three times more participants in 2016 than in 2015.

Currently, 100 percent of AADE DPP Sites already receive some sort of reimbursement for their DPP services, before Medicare coverage is even in place.

The AADE Diabetes Prevention Program Model is a proven success, helping programs demonstrate superior outcomes and giving us the insight into what makes diabetes prevention programs successful. 

Building on that success, the AADE Prevention Network – launching April 2017 - will guide you through the Medicare approval process, setting you up for long-term financial sustainability. We have developed a complete set of tools to address critical areas for program success, including a complete participant data analysis program; tools, resources, and discussion forum; and insurance policy tracking reports

Learn more by tuning into our informational webinar on February 28 at 1:00 pm EST.

Family Medical Services Pharmacy | Bessemer, AL

By: Anthony J. Bolus, PharmD, RPh | AADE DPP Program Coordinator

FMS Pharmacy, a local independent pharmacy in Bessemer, AL, knows the effect that diabetes can have on patients, their families, friends, and our healthcare system overall. Dr. Patrick Devereux, PharmD, RPh, the current Vice President and Chief Pharmacist at FMS Pharmacy, recognized the need to help. He chose to dedicate his time and effort in earning accreditation through AADE's Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) in 2011.

Along with providing diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES), FMS Pharmacy helps patients stay in control with their medications by offering a variety of services from medication reviews, synchronization services, medication packaging services, and delivery. FMS Pharmacy helps to provide the tools patients need to achieve success and stay healthy with diabetes by offering all testing supplies, diabetic shoe fittings and immunization services to prevent common infections.

After educating many patients in the community over the years and seeing the progress made in helping the overall health of diabetes patients, Dr. Devereux decided to expand the diabetes program further to try and prevent patients from developing diabetes. Dr. Devereux reached out to AADE and applied for a grant to become a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) site in 2015.

Since then, FMS Pharmacy has worked closely with AADE and the CDC to implement the national program in Bessemer, AL. Dr. Devereux, along with Dr. Anthony Bolus, became lifestyle coaches in 2015 and started the city's first prevention cohort in the fall of 2015 with the Bessemer Housing Authority, Jess Lanier Manor, a business that provides affordable housing to seniors.

While getting the first and second cohorts up and running, FMS Pharmacy worked with Jess Lanier Manor management to provide health screenings for residents.

Screening participants were triaged based on blood tests and risk assessments to determine if they would qualify for the DPP. Those screenings identified six patients who were grouped into two different cohorts. One of these cohorts concluded in November of 2016 and the other is still active. During the cohorts, patients participate in group discussions and activities that range from role-playing at the "restaurant" to video presentations.

For one patient who attended last year's cohort, the DPP was truly a life-changing course that helped her to achieve her goals.

After completing the course I now give more attention to reading labels, planning meals and portion control.

"When I learned that losing 7% of your weight may lower your chances of diabetes that challenged me. Several of my family members are diabetic. Also, I wanted to get my weight down to what my driver's license said." Patricia Walker, 73, describes her challenge at first and what she has learned since being enrolled in the program, "My main problem was changing a lifetime of bad eating habits and not being able to do the exercise I needed to do. After completing the course I now give more attention to reading labels, planning meals and portion control. For example, when I shop, I look for lower fat content and higher fiber and vitamin content. I usually cook several vegetables at once and eat leftovers during the week. Sometimes I use a divided dish so that my portions are what they should be. Also, I try to have a regular time for my meals."

FMS Pharmacy most recently worked on an agreement with the City of Bessemer for this upcoming year to educate their employees on diabetes prevention. After doing a health-screening event at the local fire department, a new cohort will begin at the end of January 2017 for six employees.

FMS Pharmacy currently has Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) pending status with the CDC and will look to earn full recognition status within the next year or two once they have shown that they can meet CDC standards and effectively deliver a proven diabetes prevention lifestyle change program.

FMS Pharmacy looks forward to providing more diabetes prevention classes to the community of Bessemer, AL and surrounding areas. The goal is to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, to help create a life-changing event for the individual to optimize their care and allow them to continue to live life to the fullest, one step at a time.

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