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Technology Workgroup Aims to Expand Reach of DSMES

Feb 08, 2017

AADE formed a Technology Workgroup in late 2015 as part of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. The workgroup consists of AADE members and other key stakeholders connected to diabetes and technology. Its focus is executing the Digital Technology and Connected Health Environment Strategy to "expand and leverage technology and the connected health environment as a means to engage and support all of our stakeholders." In other words, to identify areas where diabetes educators can use technology in their practice to better serve their patients and lead diabetes care. This strategy supports the Technology Roadmap mission statement, which emphasizes the following values:

  • AADE will take a leadership role by applying clinical and consumer technologies within the AADE spheres of influence to drive optimum health and quality of life.
  • AADE members will amplify the impact of technology on behavior change by effectively integrating it in partnership with persons with, affected by or at risk for diabetes and related chronic conditions.
  • AADE members will act as leaders in expanding technology horizons in their practice to achieve the best quality and cost outcomes.

tech roadmap

The workgroup met several times over the course of 2016, and made substantial progress, including development of a description of the current state of diabetes technology and the impact of technology on diabetes education and people with diabetes. In addition, the workgroup created the AADE Technology-Enabled Framework (which was presented at AADE16) and drafted a Technology Roadmap to guide the workgroup’s initiatives.

During 2017, AADE will focus on key initiatives:

Technology Institute

AADE will begin an investigation into building an educational platform focused on building technology-related skills and knowledge for diabetes educators. This platform could include features such as:

  • On-demand device training  
  • Online educational courses focused on data and pattern management 
  • Resource libraries and evidence-based articles 
  • Emerging technology discussions 

Digital App Review

With more than 1,000 healthcare apps available for download, it's often difficult to know which apps are available (and helpful) for patients. AADE will work on a website that will allow educators to review and recommend apps.

Online Communities

In the age of social media, online communities have become an extended support group for persons with or affected by diabetes. These communities provide information, support and comfort to members. Throughout 2017, AADE will continue to encourage diabetes educators to engage in online communities and use this technology tool to expand the reach of diabetes self-management education and support.

As 2017 progresses, we will review plans for 2018 and beyond because technology changes rapidly. The technology teams at AADE are working to provide educators with resources and training to stay current and to enhance their roles in the future.

Want to know more about technology?

The best place to learn is in the Diabetes Technology COI on MY AADE NETWORK. If you are not subscribed already, please subscribe today. This COI will post important announcements and key technology needs assessment surveys, including an initial survey launching in February.

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