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Feb 09, 2017

Each quarter we recognize the threads that generated the most discussion among members on MY AADE NETWORK for their contribution to the community. Our team of Online Community Contributors votes on the most helpful, insightful and/or eye opening comments, and picks two that truly stand out.

Congratulations to this quarter’s winners:

  • Monika Black, RN, CDE
  • Nicole Kohler, MS, CDE
  • Melanie Batchelor, CDE

Commenter: Monika Black, RN, CDE
Thread: Critical Test Results
Topic: Inpatient Management COI Discussions

What is considered a critical low blood glucose result by your lab? Our lab calls the nurse for any venous result < 40 mg/dL. If a fingerstick blood glucose result is <70 mg/dL it triggers a Hypoglycemia Alert on Power Chart but this alert is not triggered by lab draws. Some of our Clinical Nurse Specialists consider this a patient safety concern and would like any result < 70 mg/dL by lab draw to be called to the nurse.

Nicole Kohler, MS, CDE
Thread: Glucometers for the Blind/Visually Impaired
Topic: Diabetes Technology COI Discussions

Are there any suggestions or recommendations for a glucometer for the blind/visually impaired? The patient is blind completely in one eye and the other only able to see shapes. This impairs her ability to place the test strip in the meter. She currently is using a meter which speaks to her, but would like something that has a test strip drum or cartridge to release the strip, combined with the audible feature.

Melanie Batchelor, CDE
Thread: G0109
Topic: Office & Clinic Based COI Discussions

I've always followed the rule that when a group DSME is scheduled but only one participant attends (though multiple patients were on the roll) your office can still bill the group DSME code and receive payment from Medicare. Am I correct? This is a rare occurrence, but in the rural area where I practice does still happen some.

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