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May 25, 2017

Each quarter we recognize the threads that generated the most discussion among members on MY AADE NETWORK. These members posted to the site, producing threads that had the most views and replies... and generated helpful, insightful, and/or eye opening comments for the entire community.

Congratulations to this quarter’s winners:

  • Nancy Mack, RN, CDE
  • Patti Trevathan, RN, BSN, BS Ed., CDE

Commenter: Nancy Mack, RN, CDE
Thread: Weekend Coverage for Inpatient Diabetes Education
Topic: Inpatient Management COI Forum

Our inpatient CDE team is being asked to provide patient education on Saturdays. In the Kansas City area, there are no other hospitals who have CDE coverage on the weekend and we're interested in how you cover patients' diabetes education needs over the weekend. Are you staffing either day of the weekend or do you field calls via pager?

 Patti Trevathan, RN, BSN, BS Ed., CDE
Thread: Patients Being Discharged with Order for Home BG Testing/Handling Uninsured Patients?
Topic: Inpatient Management COI Forum

I'm new to the site, and have just started a new inpatient CDE position. The issue of uninsured patients being discharged with orders for BG testing at home has been coming up a lot at my hospital.

The staff nurses request that my partner and I bring one of our free meters to the patient and educate them on it - which I have no problem doing. But since they're uninsured, I try to explain to the nurses that the meter starter kit only comes with 10 testing strips, and once those are used, the patient most likely won't use the meter again since the strips are too expensive for the patients to buy and pay for out of pocket.

It seems our staff nurses have been conditioned to think that a patient HAS to get a free meter when discharged, regardless if the patient is going to be able to get their testing supplies again once they've run out. How do you all handle this?

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