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AADE17: Keep Your Drive Alive

Jun 12, 2017
Originally published April 12, 2017 on the AADE Blog

Last week, I received the AADE17 Annual Conference registration guide. I took a few moments from my morning to review the guide, as I am very excited about attending the upcoming conference. I have only attended one AADE meeting (in 2012 in Indianapolis), but I know there are many members who have attended over 15 meetings.

First, the lineup of keynote speakers is amazing. It is a great variety of topics ranging from prevention of chronic diseases and lifestyle modifications, to technology. The lineup definitely can be of interest for every AADE member and attendee of the meeting.

On Friday, August 4, President Nancy D’Hondt, RPh, CDE, FAADE will provide her thoughts on the state of the organization and the launch of new AADE initiatives. Once the meeting starts on Friday, I have a difficult time deciding what presentations to attend on a particular day. Usually, I can balance presentations and other activities at a conference, but I cannot be at two places at once during AADE17. It will definitely be a balancing act, as I want to attend presentations related to the six educational tracks.

When browsing through the registration guide, it is truly amazing to see the diversity of speakers, in terms of educational background and additional credentials, along with familiar/unfamiliar names in the organization. AADE does a wonderful job in giving every member a chance to be involved.

There are many additional events and highlights scheduled for AADE17. Friday, August 4 will be Prediabetes Day, complementing AADE’s launch of the new AADE Prevention Network. One of the keynote speakers will discuss prevention of prediabetes, but there are several presentations throughout the day focused on this condition. On Saturday, August 5, the meeting will focus on type 1 diabetes with relevant presentations planned throughout the day.

Don’t forget about the State Coordinating Body and Community of Interest networking reception on Thursday, August 3. There is also a Boston Scientific customer appreciation and a special symposium scheduled for Friday evening. Tickets can be purchased for the AADE Celebration event on Sunday, August 6 – I am disappointed, as it is this an event that I will have to miss.

So, I am very excited about the upcoming meeting – seeing friends and networking with new people about their diabetes experience, current practice, and completed research.

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