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Three Things Diabetes Educators Don’t Know About Jenny Craig (Yet)

Jun 12, 2017

AADE members might know that Jenny Craig is a key supporter of AADE and the diabetes educator community through the AADE Industry Allies Council (IAC). But did you know that it was the Jenny Craig for type 2 program that first demonstrated the alignment between AADE and Jenny? Here are three things you might not yet know about Jenny Craig!

3. Jenny Craig supports YOU as a diabetes educator

Jenny Craig created its program for type 2 diabetes based on research and evidence – including the need for the team approach to diabetes. Diabetes Educators are a vital part of that team, and the resources and advice for people with diabetes on Jenny Craig’s website reflect that. Jenny Craig promotes the AADE 7 Self-Care Behaviors™ – and sees itself as a key partner in five of those behaviors – pointing back to diabetes education as a key component of a lifelong healthy journey.

With Jenny Craig for type 2 diabetes, your patient’s consultant is an extension of the healthcare team. While she may not be a physician or a diabetes educator and cannot address the medical aspects of the condition, a consultant can reinforce the self-management lifestyle strategies that will help your patient continue to lose weight and improve their diabetes control as they work in collaboration with you.

2. Jenny Craig partners with diabetes educators to provide the “S” for your DSMES program

Diabetes education is built around the idea that self-management behaviors need to be reinforced through ongoing support – the “S.” Jenny Craig offers a system that promotes continued reinforcement for meal planning and exercise and accountability through one-on-one consulting each week. Jenny Craig has even built a members-only community to provide peer-to-peer information and inspiration sharing.

But support is not only about educational and emotional resources. The financial pressures faced by many people living with diabetes are complex, so Jenny Craig has provided materials to help patients with diabetes review whether they can use money from their FSA, HAS, or HRA, a Q&A about affording the program, and even a sample letter of medical necessity.

For the right patient, this extra “S” can give those ongoing touchpoints to the medical and lifestyle management provided by your diabetes education program.

1. Jenny Craig has free resources available for you right now

If you haven’t reviewed the Jenny Craig program and website lately, it’s time for a look! The website is continuously refreshed with blog posts and articles you can print or send to your patients to reinforce the AADE7 in your self-management sessions.

Articles range from free and easy ways to include more exercise to the “Polite, Reason, Polite” system of dealing with friendly peer pressure to a quick guide to understanding sugar substitutes. As an IAC member and a fellow partner in the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program, Jenny Craig is pleased to have diabetes educators use these materials.


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