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AADE Creates Program to Offer Workforce Training to Organizations, Health Departments and Hospital Systems

Jul 31, 2017

Designed to fill a need identified by state health departments and large hospital systems, AADE has created the Workforce Training Program. It offers organizations customized educational programming in diabetes prevention and education and helps them utilize funding from the CDC to implement training activities in chronic disease prevention. Since the program’s launch less than a year ago, we’ve provided training to 21 organizations and are continuing to grow that number. 

Research demonstrates that when employers invest time, money, and resources into educating their staff, employees not only feel appreciated and valued, but also more confident and empowered in their work. Training staff across all experience and practice levels bridges the gap between new and existing staff and results in a consistency of information and increased efficiency. In turn, a strengthened and knowledgeable workforce helps patients

AADE’s process is straightforward: First, we provide a personalized consultation to pinpoint training gaps and see which educational programs fit the organization’s need. We offer both online and live education, in any combination. Some organizations prefer educating in a group setting, which encourages discussion and engagement, while others like to offer courses that can be completed by the individual at their own pace. 

The educational process is then tracked through administrative reporting tools that are available to the organization. CE credit is available to nurses, dietitians and pharmacists. 

Learn more at or call us for a customized consultation.

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