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…And Receives New Five-Year Funding Opportunity to Expand the National DPP

Oct 06, 2017

Extends Work of Previous CDC Funding Opportunity

We are pleased to announce AADE has been selected to work with the CDC to extend the reach of the National Diabetes Prevention program (National DPP) into underserved populations. It’s perfect timing, as our first five-year CDC funding opportunity – to increase access to and utilization of the National DPP – ended on September 29. This new CDC grant began October 1.

“Our goal over these past five years was to scale and sustain the National DPP through gaining reimbursement for diabetes prevention,” said AADE Vice President of Science and Practice Leslie Kolb. “We accomplished that! Now we’re going to focus on making sure the program is available and serving such key populations as truck drivers, the Hispanic community, and others.”

AADE plans to bring the diabetes prevention program to states with high rates of diabetes: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas, as well as to targeted areas in California to focus on underserved Hispanic populations. 

AADE plans to establish 12 new AADE DPP sites to deliver the Lifestyle Change Program in Year 1, increasing to 17 over the course of the five-year program period. 

Strategic alliances will be key. We will work with several different partners, including the UnidosUS (formerly known as the National Council of La Raza), Omada Health, the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA), Bridgespan, and the American Medical Association to raise awareness, screening, testing, coverage, and enrollment activities. 

As an example, one initiative will be to focus on truck drivers, who tend to have higher rates of type 2 diabetes. Partnering with the HTAA will allow us to reach this population with targeted radio and internet-based programming. Working with UnidosUS will give us the ability to develop culturally appropriate materials and Spanish-speaking lifestyle coaches.

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