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How AADE Workforce Training Works for You

Jan 18, 2018

AADE Workforce Training is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of your staff in the areas of diabetes prevention and diabetes self-management education and support. We work with healthcare facilities, state and local departments of public health, and other professional healthcare groups to provide the requisite training so your staff can deliver the highest level of care to people with diabetes. When employers devote time, money and resources to staff education, employees feel appreciated and valued, as well as more confident and empowered in their work. Training your workforce across all experience and practice levels helps bridge the gap between new and existing staff by ensuring more efficient processes and consistency of information.

So what can AADE do for you?

We begin with a personalized consultation to pinpoint your training needs and determine what educational offerings would best fit your organization. Choose from our entire spectrum of existing education, in any combination — build your own package with a mix of online courses and webinars, or schedule a live education event at your facility. Take the opportunity to customize your employee training program — the options are endless!

Once we identify the appropriate education, it’s time for learning! Your workforce has the opportunity to enhance their skills in several ways — in a group setting, which encourages discussion and engagement; individualized and self-paced, which accommodates varying learning styles; or a combination of both group and individual learning. Additionally, you have the capability to track your staff’s online learning experience by using AADE’s Learning Management System administrative reporting tools. As an added bonus, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists can earn continuing education credits while they learn.

Invest in your staff!

Allow them to acquire the necessary skills to provide the highest quality of care and become leaders in the field of diabetes education. To review the complete list of educational offerings and schedule a consultation, please visit the AADE Workforce Training web page, or contact Magen Lapointe at

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