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Nov 20, 2019

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In June, at the annual American Diabetes Association scientific session, the international consensus on CGM announced their Time in Range (TIR) recommendations; that people with diabetes strive for a goal of 70% or more TIR.1 A recent meta-analysis analyzed 18 research articles that tracked both A1C and TIR. The analysis showed there may be a strong correlation between the two and that for every 10% in TIR, there was a 0.8% change in A1C.2

Medtronic is committed to drive innovation that increases Time in Range and reduces diabetes burden to help support both people living with diabetes and the healthcare professionals who support them. The first step in our innovation pipeline is enabling Bluetooth®* connectivity in our devices. This will allow people with diabetes to view pump and CGM data on their smartphones while permitting care partners to take an active role in their loved one’s diabetes. For healthcare professionals, this new technology will give access to automatic data uploads, saving time during the office visit. From there we are committed to sensor improvements. Less calibrations and simplified insertions all while keeping accuracy the number one priority.

Together these advancements pave the way for Advanced Hybrid Closed Loop (AHCL) and Personalized Closed Loop (PCL)** systems. The AHCL hopes to achieve a goal of getting people with diabetes to >80% TIR by introducing automated correction boluses every 5 minutes targeting 120mg/dL with an adjustable auto basal target of 100mg/dL or 120mg/dL. The PCL system has a goal of TIR >85% with the introduction of automatic meal handling (optional carb-counting) and adapts to physiology and behavior for a personalized insulin delivery for each individual people with diabetes. The Personalized Closed Loop system has earned the FDA’s Breakthrough Device‡ designation and as part of this designation, the FDA has granted Medtronic priority review and communication during its development.

Committed to our mission of alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life, Medtronic has achieved a track record of innovation that delivers superior clinical outcomes with a goal of simplifying diabetes management so that people with diabetes can live more and worry less. 


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* In development. Not approved by the FDA for any use and not available for research or commercial use in the US.
† Investigational. Not approved by the FDA for any use and not commercially available in the US.
** In development. Not approved by the FDA for any use and not available for research or commercial use in the US.
‡ Priority review and communication with FDA. Breakthrough Devices Program. Accessed April 23, 2019.

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