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What role should we play in developing and implementing national policies?

May 26, 2015

How many of us knew Healthy 2020 comments were being solicited to aid in the development of the goals which will impact accreditation, reimbursement, and health policy for the next ten years? I was surprised to find out how few individuals were aware requests for public comments were being solicited in developing Healthy People 2020 goals. I looked at the website the other day and was surprised to read a few comments had been posted. Visit the website to read them.

I encourage others to read the goals and see what other input we could have had in developing the goals. Diabetes educators are experts in identifying and addressing the barriers so often encountered by individuals with diabetes. Our role in health policy is monumental and I am interested in knowing how other educators feel about the role they play or can play in all aspects of diabetes management.

I am very interested to find out what will happen with the Diabetes Self-Management Training House and Senate Bills. If these bills are passed, it would allow Medicare reimbursement for all CDEs. AADE has two ways of taking action on these issues. You can make a call or  write a letter to your Congressperson.

I have talked to legislative aides in the past regarding other topics, and I learned that individuals in Congress are very keen to ask important questions.

When addressing a U.S. Representative or Senator or one of his/her staff members, a person needs to be prepared to answer tough questions. Based on past experience, a Congressperson considering passage of one of the above mentioned bills would probably want two very important questions answered:

  1. How do we increase the number of CDEs to meet the demand of an increased incidence and prevalence of diabetes?
  2. How do we assure standards for DSME/T are being met if CDEs were to receive Medicare reimbursement?

I am interested to know what others have done to get involved in policy development and what our seasoned educators recommend for someone like me who wants to become more actively involved. How would you answer the above mentioned questions?

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  1. Jun 14, 2010

    I encourage everyone passionate about diabetes education and management to become involved. Based on the lack of response to this blog, I am afraid our voice will not be heard. Inaction on issues related to diabetes education and management might be viewed as unimportant by those in Congress. Remember your responsibility to speak up for those you care for.

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