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Virtual Meeting Session on Obesity Management

Aug 08, 2013

Thursday was a long day in clinic due to several patient appointments for diabetes and obesity management.  I also was educating the two pharmacy students on my rotation.  However, I was determined to listen to one of the General Sessions when I got home this evening.  Between the two General Sessions, I listened to the presentation titled: 5As of Obesity Management by Dr. Arya Sharma.   From this session, I was reminded about the following information:

  • Only 5 to 10% of primary care visits are spent discussing obesity as the primary reason for the visit.  Patients and physicians tend to avoid the discussion about obesity.
  • Obesity is a chronic condition.  As a pharmacist, I am knowledge about the medications, but I should remember that there is no cure for this disease.
  • Obesity management is about getting healthier as the patient and physician should discuss and define success.

From this particular session, I learned that:

  • Ideal weight should be a realistic weight.
  • Similar approaches from other disease states, such as 5As and SMART goals, can apply to obesity management. 
  • The 4Ms of obesity management should include the assessment of the drivers, complications, and barriers of obesity – mental, mechanical, metabolic, and monetary reasons.
  • Sleep, time, and stress are important factors in effective obesity management.
  • Obesity management requires a multidisciplinary approach from a variety of health care professionals.
  • Tools are available through a free account (after signing up) at

Hearing Dr. Sharma’s presentation inspired me to continue my involvement in patient’s lives to provide tools and information for obesity management.

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  1. Aug 14, 2013

    Hello, I am interested in connecting with any other CDE's (RN, dietician, etc.) who are active duty military. Please contact me, thanks!

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