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Have you read the AADE 2013 Annual Report?

Jun 24, 2014

Recently, I was exploring the AADE website and seeing if there was any new information for myself and/or my patients.  As I was reviewing the website, I got an email from AADE about the latest news.  One of the recent updates included the AADE 2013 Annual Report, titled “Steering a New Course.”  The annual report is a quick summary of AADE’s accomplishments during 2013.  I would encourage every AADE member to read this report. The first half of the report aligns with the organization’s 2013-2015 strategic plan, but here are some highlights:

Investing in Diabetes Educators
Major revisions occurred with AADE in Practice – a peer-reviewed journal for the members, which is distributed every 2 months.  Besides the look of the journal, the newly revised publication is filled with quick articles to benefit you as an educator, such as the practice pearls.  In addition, there are columns related to patient’s stories, which could be shared with individuals at your practice.  This publication truly compliments the research-based journal - The Diabetes Educator.

Advancing Diabetes Population Health Management
AADE is a leading organization for research and is collaborating with larger organizations and companies to provide funding to DSME programs, health sites and its members.  Anyone interested in research and scholarly activities should be on the look out for research opportunities. 

Empowering People with Diabetes
AADE and its designated representatives have been a voice for each member and diabetes educator.  In 2013, many individuals advocated on a state and national level regarding the role of a certified diabetes educator and how this type of professional member can benefit patients in the complex, ever-changing healthcare system.

AADE also created and launched a mobile app for use among members and patients.  The Diabetes Goal Tracker is a free app for iPhone and Android mobile phones.  This app is specially designed for patients to learn about the seven self-care behaviors, but to also set SMART goals for each behavior.  Check out the app yourself!

Expanding AADE’s Capacity
AADE took feedback from its members and updated the website during 2013.  The website now has an easier login through the use of a member’s email address.  In addition, the website has been updated to include useful documents under the Volunteer Resources Center.

Check out the year-in-review by reading the AADE Annual Report. You may find another recourse for yourself or patients. Along the way, you may recognize some colleagues on the leadership team – give them a shout out!  

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  1. Jun 25, 2014

    Hi Jennifer, I am a 1987 Graaduate of Shennandoah University, School of Nursing. When I saw that you are a former associate professor there, I wanted to reach out and say hello. That is a beautiful part of the country. I now live in Ocala, Fl. I am an RN CDE at an outpatient education center and I help manage glycemic control in the hospital and work with staff on diabetes education. I wll be presenting a poster this year at AADE about the continum of care from hospital to outpatient education. Hope to meet you here, in my stomping ground, in August Heatherann

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