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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Annual Meeting We Go!

Aug 02, 2010

AADE Annual Meeting is always a highlight of my year. I have been fortunate to attend every meeting for over a decade. Many can’t do this due to cost, time, etc. But, hopefully, you have made it to some.

I was on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee a few years ago...What a great experience! It is amazing how much goes in to planning this type of meeting. The committee and AADE staff works so hard to create a great meeting. After each meeting, we fill out evaluations. The results are used to plan future meetings. The staff and committee see the results but most of us don’t. So, what I would like to know is what do you enjoy most about Annual Meeting?

I have to admit that I get great benefit from the social events. The people we meet, the conversations we have, and the fun times, really make the social events a highlight of the meeting. I have started long lasting friendships and collaborations. We get new ideas and information from other health professionals; from our own discipline and from others.

How do you like the Opening Poster Reception? This was started the year I was on the Planning Committee. I think it is a great ice breaker and a way to show off and share our work in diabetes education. It really sets the stage for the entire conference.

The General Sessions allow us to hear high caliber speakers. The big names in the field come to us with information on pubic policy and current research. There is usually a motivational speaker to rev us up. I am anxious to hear these speakers this year.

The Concurrent Sessions cover many different topics. In a short period of time, you can learn from people in your discipline or others - a great way to cross-train. I have gone to talks on how to do great PowerPoint presentations, how to write to get published, and how to motivate patients. I have learned about current medications, how to carb count, and strategies for education for patients of all ages; from children to older adults.

The 5 K walk/jog/run event on Saturday morning inspires me. It's good for so many of us to crawl out of bed that morning to practice what we preach!

And, the Expo! Where else can you get exposure to the newest and best tools available for us and our patients?

What is your favorite part of the meeting? Have you made long-lasting friendships? What have you learned? As we finish our pre-meeting shopping (I justify a new pair of sandals and a new outfit each year) and pack our bags for San Antonio, let’s share what we most look forward to and have enjoyed.


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  1. Aug 20, 2010

    I really enjoyed the Close To The Heart play. It was a wonderful teaching tool because it talked about the lifestyle changes people need to make, how diabetes impacts the patient and their family/friends and it engaged the audience's emotions. This is a potent blend of techniques to inspire a patient to change.
  2. Aug 10, 2010

    U-500 Concentrated Insulin: Are Any of Your Hospitals Using a U-100 Syringe for Inpatients (vs. a TB syringe)? And, if so, can you possibly share how your hospital arrived at this decision, and what policies and teaching aids you have developed in relation to this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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