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Smartphones and Diabetes Management

Apr 07, 2011

What is a smartphone? Wikipedia says it is “a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone. Smartphones…may be thought of as handheld computers integrated with a mobile telephone” and “allows the user to install and run more advanced applications.”

Many of us have smartphones and many patients we work with use them. They whip them out to make appointments, show blood glucose records, and get their physician’s address.

I used to use my smartphone primarily to make calls and to get my email. But I recently got a new one...and it can do everything but run for me and do the laundry! Actually, now that I think about it...I can track my running and ask it how to get stains out. Before I got this phone, I would pick on a couple of the guys I work with because they couldn’t help themselves from showing others their neat new apps (applications). Want to find a Thai restaurant in Des Moines, IO? I’ll show you. Want to get a map to XXX? Here you go! Working with a patient who speaks Arabic and you don’t? There’s an app for that.

Now, I have become an “app person!” I find a new use for my phone and show others. (I still don’t do this as much as the other guys!) If I want to know how many calories or carbs a food has, more information on an unusual diagnosis, or possible side effects of a medication--there’s an app for that.

And, so many apps are free!

What do you use your smartphone for? How do you see patients and clients using them? Specific to diabetes management, what apps are there? Which ones are geared to you as a professional? Which are for you as a professional and for those with diabetes? Do you know if they are free? Or what the cost is, if they aren’t?

There are so many apps available; some helpful and some not. It would be great to hear about those that you have found to be valuable in the management of those with diabetes. Medications? Counting carbs? Calories? Exercise? Evidence-based medicine? Medical journals? Medical calculators? Stress management?

Let us know! I want more apps!


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  1. May 07, 2011

    My favorite ap is the Medscape from WebMD. The drug search includes interaction with drugs, herbs and supplements.
  2. Apr 11, 2011

    Hi Jane, Thank you for posting a comment to the blog. I hope other educators will weigh in on your question, but I want to recommend that you submit your reimbursement question to Ask a Reimbursement Expert. Hope this helps!
  3. Apr 09, 2011

    Is anyone having trouble billing Medicare? I have been doing it manually and have gotten rejects on most everything that I have submitted. NOw the latest trick is that they are waiting for the claim to get too old and they are denying it saying it was too old. I tried to bill using the software and spent literally months working on it to no avail. Someone at Medicare told me that I Windows Vista would not support the software. Can someone help me? Has anyone out there used the New Software? Does anyone use a billing company? I have already lost more than a years worth of patients that I have appealed over and over again to now avail. It has caused me endless hours of time and energy. Thanks, Jane Player, Rph, CDE I have a smart phone - what are the apps out there that are useful!

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