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Happy Birthday. Come to the Party!

Apr 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to your AADE blog!

One year ago this April, the AADE Blog was born. I started my first blog with an investigation of what a blog is. Iris, Carla and I have done blogs on kids and teens; pumps and going to camp; using technology in diabetes care; getting continuing education credits and preparing for the CDE exam; and emergency preparedness. We have provided, and asked for, reference materials for you, as a diabetes educator, and for people with diabetes. We encouraged collaboration with other professionals and sharing of our expertise. The idea of the patient-centered medical home and how to help people with diabetes that don’t have insurance was talked about. We discussed diabulemia and the female athlete triad. We have asked about ways to get people more active; considered tai chi; and talked about food and insulin adjustments for people with diabetes who are exercising. The importance of support groups and trials and tribulations of group education and follow up education sessions have been topics. We prepared for, and debriefed from, a great annual meeting in San Antonio. Wow! We have covered a lot of ground.

So, what now? In the first blog, I asked you what you would like us to blog about. We got some great questions and ideas and more along the way. Now, I would like to ask again: What would you like to see discussed on this blog?

This is your party! What are new and hot topics? Do you have questions about state licensure of diabetes educators? Are there new guidelines you want to discuss? What questions, comments, inquiries, challenges, and successes have you had? We can “talk” about the practice of diabetes education and/or being a diabetes educator. Do you have something unique and interesting you are doing? We want to know.

As we start the second year of the blog, we encourage you to interact, share, and learn. To start this, please chime in and let us know what you want to see on the blog. Thanks to all of you who have asked and contributed comments over the past year.

We are looking forward to another year of exchanges in this forum, the AADE Blog!


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  1. May 03, 2011

    Hi Rita, Thanks for posting your question. I hope other people can weigh in on where to find this information, but I would recommend posting your question on the Inpatient COI message board in the MY AADE NETWORK. Hopefully someone will be able to point you in the right direction!
  2. May 03, 2011

    Does AADE have a resource or outline that can be referred to in providing education to staff nurses in the inpatient setting regarding what they should be teaching their patients with diabetes before discharge from the hospital? I am a CDE in our outpatient diabetes education center but also provide a presentation in the clinical orientation of our new nurses hired to our hospital. Thank you.

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