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Are You Recreating the Wheel for Diabetes Education Materials?

Dec 16, 2011

I am a subscriber to many of the Communities of Interest and State Networks on the MY AADE NETWORK. Because of this, I receive lots discussion threads about various educational resources that are available for diabetes educators. There are many great resources that can be provided to patients as a reference to support the education session and many that are perfect for support groups and outreach programs. I would love input from you about your favorite resources--whether it be a particular single piece or an organization that you use as a “go to” for items.

Before I recommend resources to other educators, I make sure that they are free and available to the public (that is, non-proprietary). Items provided by governmental agencies are non-proprietary and meant to be used as much as possible. So, photocopy away! These types of resources can be found on most of the “dot gov” websites.

Buckle up. We are driving to the land of acronyms….

Some searches will take you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and more specifically to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) and the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP).

A quick search brought me to several possible resources. Here are a few: 

  • The CDC website has a wealth of information about diabetes (including those amazing maps that show trends for diagnosed diabetes, obesity, and physical inactivity--always a hit when shown during presentations).
  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the NIH has information on their PubMed Health site.
  • The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC) of the NIDDK of the NIH has categories for Easy-to-Read Publications and Spanish-language Publications.
  • NDEP has search options for various ages, ethnicity/race, and language (with 20 possible languages!).

Do you have a certain website or a particular piece that you find helpful? Some areas I would like to hear about include those for kids, teens, those with disabilities, and those geared toward particular ethnic/cultural groups. Which are available in multiple languages?

What else should we take into consideration when choosing informational pieces for patients and clients? Share your knowledge so we don’t use our valuable time recreating the diabetes education wheel.


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  1. Jan 05, 2012

    If anyone has a CCS Medical rep in their area, they have a wonderful book called the "Diabetes Education Guide" that we just love. Material is written at a 5th grade level and covers all the needed basics. The materials are free, but they of course would appreciate it if you would support their business of home delivery of diabetes supplies to patients. They also supply tear off hand outs of carb counting and plate division and have the magnetic plate division sample patient's can put on their refrigerator.
  2. Jan 05, 2012

    These diabetes education recordings are available without charge to anyone who needs them. "Diabetes: The Basics" covers all the basic information everyone with diabetes needs. "Living with Diabetes and Visual Impairment" covers the special information about tools and techniques for diabetes self-managment with low vision or blindness. The recordings were produced with a grant from the National Eye Institute, and in cooperation with the American Foundation for the Blind.
  3. Dec 19, 2011

    Our program uses alot of information sheets from Check out the website. They have a physical activity handout sheet that is geared toward kids that is really nice. The site also includes links to other reputable sites for additional information. I also like to direct my patients to for chatting with others, finding new recipes or just learning more about self management. I keep the dLife business cards right on my desk to hand out to patients-I picked them up at an AADE conference. We always hear positive feedback about that site.

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