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Kudos to You - Diabetes Educators

Aug 03, 2012

Yesterday and today, while in the exhibit hall at the annual meeting, I stopped at several booths to thank the representatives for supporting AADE by being an exhibitor.  Then, I asked them what this show offered that other similar shows they attend do not.  Time after time, the answer was you.  The contact with the diabetes educator made this effort worthwhile.  For most, this was the reason that they come back each year and plan to return next year.  A couple said that they have had budget cuts and now can attend only a few shows, yet they will continue to attend the AADE Annual Meeting.

Specifically, two points came up.  First, you as a person made this effort worthwhile.  They said that diabetes educators were passionate, thoughtful, caring, kind people who wanted to make the lives of people with diabetes better.  They love the direct contact with diabetes educators.  Secondly, they appreciate that we are the ones on the front line, bringing the information about better diabetes care to people with diabetes.  They knew that you, the diabetes educator, would discuss the benefits of their product.

I finished my night at the Irish Coffee event.  We had the pleasure of hearing George Canyon, a country singer and person with diabetes.  He spoke about how much better his life was, as well as the lives of his wife and kids, because of his diabetes educators. 

I know we don’t do what we do for a pat on the back. Nevertheless, it is nice to get one!  I often hear that the biggest reason diabetes educators come to the annual meeting is that they feel re-energized.  Hearing the gratitude of others is one way I feel re-energized, personally and for our profession. 

Thank you for being passionate, thoughtful, caring and kind and for being the one directly working with people with diabetes to make their lives better!  Kudos to you!

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  1. Aug 07, 2012

    In an attempt to educate our patients and varied providers, I have been writing an informational health/nutrition/diabetes/endocrine blog over the past 14 months. My last two posts concern blood glucose testing. Perhaps patients or primary care providers may find these and other posts informative. Our practice website is and the blog can be reached there or at the website above. I have no advertising whatsoever. I would value and appreciate your feedback. Thanks. Dan Weiss MD CDE FACP PNS CPI

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