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Celebrate National Diabetes Education Week: Reach Out for Better Health

Nov 06, 2013

Happy National Diabetes Education Week!
This week, November 3-9, celebrates you and your peers.  This is a great time to reach out for better health.  The Reaching Out for Better Health program is a community-based, diabetes education program supporting new and expanded outreach and education activities targeting underserved populations.  There are already ten sites across the US, serving over 600 people who otherwise might not have access to quality diabetes education.   The AADE Education and Research Foundation plans to award grants from $20,000 to $30,000 to accredited DSME/T programs.  With the grants, these programs will be able to expand efforts to specifically target underserved populations. 

Each funded program will have two goals.  The first goal is to address the access barriers to DSME/T and to increase program participation and retention through community-based programs.  This will be accomplished by increasing new physician referrals, offering the programs in the community where it is convenient and accessible (i.e., churches and community centers), and using culturally appropriate materials for the target population.  The programs will foster sustainable support for participants following completion of the ten-week series through relationships with community organizations, utilizing community health workers.   The second goal is to improve the participants’ behavioral and clinical outcomes.    The AADE7 System will be provided to each program to track data.  The outcomes from the Reaching Out program will be presented at the 2014 AADE Annual Meeting and updated information will be provided to supporters and shareholders through other communications.  I am excited to see the innovative methods of outreach and the positive results for people with diabetes.

The Foundation has started a campaign to raise $300,000 in 2013 from private and public funding specifically for Reaching Out.  But, the Foundation needs your help!  As you think about possibilities for your personal donations as 2013 comes to an end, consider donating to the Foundation for this particular program.  It is a great way to help your diabetes education peers and those with diabetes who wouldn’t otherwise receive quality diabetes education and support.  You can make a donation online (indicate it's for the Reaching Out for Better Health). 

This project demonstrates the continued support from our AADE Education and Research Foundation.  When I was at the AADE Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, perusing the items at the Foundation’s Silent Auction, I noticed a poster board listing those who had received Foundation awards this year.  Over 100 scholarships were awarded for annual meeting registration and travel!  Beyond that, there were several specialty-based scholarships.   I was happy to see one of my local colleagues at the conference, attending for the first time, with the help of a Foundation award.  You can see the whole list of award recipients on the Foundation's web page.  It really is amazing.  Maybe you can be on that list next year!  So, consider reaching into your pocket/wallet/pocketbook and your heart and donate to our Foundation.

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