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It's Here! DANA App Review

Feb 05, 2018

I am so excited to be writing about the new DANA App Review for AADE members! As a member benefit, you will find a searchable list of reviewed apps, giving you peace of mind that you can recommend a thoroughly vetted app to your patients with information to ensure it meets their needs.

No more relying on photocopied handouts to know which app to recommend for carb counting, insulin dosing, exercise tracking, etc. Just use the DANA App Review! You’ve been asking for this – I know, your requests often land in my inbox! A special thanks to Crystal Broj at AADE for getting this done so quickly and the technology committee workgroup for assisting in the effort. 

What you will find in the DANA App Review tool:

Comprehensive App Library: More than 300 health and wellness apps are available for review and download, for topics ranging from diabetes to healthy eating and being active. And more will be added each year.

Unbiased Reviews: Apps are reviewed by healthcare professionals on key points to give users a snapshot of which apps work best for their condition and lifestyle. 

Platform to Share: Each app can be shared via email or text message directly with intended users, streamlining the mobile app recommendation process. 

Check it out: 

This is just the beginning of new and exciting resources and member benefits for AADE members. Later this year, AADE will be rolling out the full DANA (Diabetes Advanced Network Access) site, which will be a complete online destination for all-things-diabetes technology. If you know someone who needs this technology resource, refer him or her to membership!


About the Author:

Molly McElwee-Malloy is the Clinical Services Manager for Tandem Diabetes Care. She previously worked for TypeZero Technologies and UVA's Center for Diabetes Technology. Molly is the chair of the technology workgroup for AADE, and volunteers with the Virginia Diabetes Council. She's active in the diabetes online community: @MollyMacT1D.

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