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AADE Advocates for All Aspects of Diabetes Care in Comments to Healthy People 2030 Initiative

Feb 15, 2019

AADE submitted comments to the Healthy People 2030 initiative, calling for more inclusive objectives that address the full breadth of diabetes care, from access and affordability to cardiovascular care and sleep hygiene. The Secretary’s Advisory Committee for Healthy People 2030 is currently in the process of finalizing objectives under several health-based categories to create 10-year national objectives.

“AADE applauds Healthy People 2030 for setting more focused and attainable objectives to improve the health and well-being of people living in the United States,” said AADE Director of Advocacy Kate Thomas. “We believe that these objectives, with some adjustments, can speak strongly to the need for a whole health perspective that works to address all areas that impact diabetes, such as sleep, tobacco use, medication affordability, obesity and child health issues.”

AADE’s comments highlight the important connection between diabetes and cardiovascular disease and the need to reinforce this relationship. Access and affordability to care are also addressed, as those principles can serve as barriers to improving the overall health of individuals. AADE also used the comments to highlight the critical connection between sleep hygiene and diabetes.   

Every decade, the Healthy People initiative brings together a diverse group of subject matter experts, organizations, and members of the public to develop a set of science-based, 10-year national objectives to improve the overall health of Americans. On February 26, the Secretary’s Advisory Committee for Healthy People 2030 will meet to discuss and develop recommendations regarding the proposed objectives for Healthy People 2030. 

Comments can be viewed here.   

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