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2017 State Coordinating Body Leader Training Recap

Feb 22, 2017

I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for attending the 2017 State CB Training that took place in Chicago in January. I know the weather was not a friend to all, and we had some people who had to leave us early, but I hope you all arrived home safely and enjoyed your time at the meeting.

You have done a great thing by stepping up to be a state leader. Remember what Nancy D’Hondt told us as we started on Friday: your role is to identify, develop, and assist individuals to take the lead in activities that help to move AADE’s strategic plan forward at the local level; meaning, you should not be the one doing all the work. We know that one of the best strategies to find these individuals is a simple personal ask. The worst thing they can say is “no,” and more times than not, they are just waiting for someone to see ability in them and ask… so that they can say “YES!”

Finally—especially for those that had to leave us early—in her closing, AADE President, Nancy D'Hondt, asked us all to make three commitments.

  1. Commit to log onto your State Page and share some news with your members in the next 72 hours
  2. Commit to reach out to one person you shared ideas with at the meeting in the next 30 days
  3. Commit to try one idea you heard in the next 60 days—let this learning and sharing come alive for you

Thank you to everyone for coming to Chicago to learn and share new ideas. Your participation was awesome! I have had the privilege to attend four of these trainings over the years and this year was definitely the best.

Until Indy!

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