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A Dollar for Your Idea

Feb 22, 2017

We asked CB leaders to give us their best ideas on all things "Coordinating Body"... and here are some of the great tips they shared at the recent 2017 State Coordinating Body Training:

  • Collaborate with other organizations so that you have a larger pool of volunteers to draw from
  • CBs and LNGs can invite other regional groups to join AADE—to learn more of what we do
  • Put on a virtual program with your other professional organizations in your area
  • Create a postcard inviting attendees to local meetings
  • Partner with a college or university to develop a program to become a DE–include all healthcare professions
  • Host a local event to help students and interns by giving them mentorship opportunities
  • Try out an app for larger regional conferences
  • Offer attendees the opportunity to bring a friend to meetings to learn more about AADE
  • Start a holiday networking event—a dinner with no CE, just a get-together to encourage members to step up and volunteer. Nonmembers can attend—helps generate new members
  • Do an awards dinner with vendor support and guest speakers
  • For a local meeting, bring in a food demo focusing on healthy eating and the kitchen will serve what the demo is highlighting
  • Increase membership by sending personal letters to new/renewing members
  • Place cards on tables for people who want to get involved during a conference
  • CB Networking event at the Annual Meeting is a great place to network with state members attending the annual meeting
  • Hold a pre-conference for those who are exploring becoming a DE
  • Host vendors before a regional meeting and promote it to community health organizations and other practices
  • Use AADE recorded webinars for hosting group meetings
  • Organize a bus for local members to attend the national conference
  • Partner with JDRF to do a conference for all healthcare professionals
  • Sponsor students to attend your local meetings
  • Start a diabetes awareness club at a local college/university—include dietitians, nurses, pre-med, and pre-pharm
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