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Energized and Ready to Lead!

Feb 22, 2017

It was wonderful seeing all of you who attended the 2017 State Coordinating Body Training Program. Many of the comments I heard from you at the conclusion of the program were how these two days energized and motivated you to get started in your MY AADE NETWORK leadership role back home.

This energy and motivation is really the result of the sharing and networking by the community comprised of your AADE colleagues. That same community is also available wherever you go—it’s only a click away on MY AADE NETWORK.

For CB leaders, it’s your National Leadership Network. For COI leaders, it’s the COI Leadership and Admin Network. Need an idea for planning your next educational program? Need tips on increasing participation in your discussions? Your AADE colleagues are there to help provide suggestions for these issues.

In addition to your MY AADE NETWORK colleagues, please remember that Pati, John, Cindy and I are here as your “staff community” to support you in your CB, LNG, or COI leadership role.

Volunteer Engagment Staff Photo
(L to R: Cindy Wilson, Nadine Merker, John Tyler, Pati Mangano)

We are here to answer your questions and, hopefully, keep you energized throughout the year. Your passion keeps us energized and smiling.

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