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New Groupings for AADE’s Communities of Interest

Feb 22, 2017

We’ve worked with COI leaders and members over the last year to identify what was working (and what was not) in the various Communities of Interest they participate in. During these discussions, two trends emerged:

  1. In certain COIs, members are looking for a quick answer to their questions--and other members participating in the COI discussion forum are eager to respond quickly because they recognize the importance of a fast response.
  2. In other COIs, participants are looking for peer- and time-tested tools and resources that they can use with patients, and in their practice—the immediacy of a quick question and answer isn’t as important here.

Following these emerging trends, we realized the need to rearrange and categorize current COIs into two groups: Q&A COIs, and Resource COIs.


These COIs have all the capabilities of Resource COIs, but are more focused on allowing educators to discuss topics of interest in real time. They are a great place to ask questions, advance your facility to care for patients, and compare practices with others. With Q&A COIs you will find solutions to common problems and be able to share ideas. Q&A COIs include:

Resource COIs

These COIs have all the capabilities of Q&A COIs, but are more focused on providing materials to educators that will help them advance their practice. Members can come here as needed to find PDFs, slide presentations, and other documents that can be used and repurposed in working with patients and other educators. Resource COIs include:

Now when you visit the site, you’ll find you can browse COIs either by category, or you can still view a full listing of all COIs.

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