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New Updates to Communities of Interest

Mar 22, 2017

Below is a summary of recently completed changes to COIs. You can also download a PDF version of this article for your reference.

Participating in COIs has become even easier with some recent updates to how COIs are grouped. Now, to help continue with this process, we've consolidated announcement and discussion forums for COIs, and made it even easier to receive notifications about COI activity via email.

 » One Discussion Forum for Each COI

Previously each COI had a separate announcement forum (a one-way forum where messages are sent from leaders to members) and discussion forum (a two-way forum where any member can post messages). Now when you visit COIs, there will be only one forum where you can still post questions, search for answers, and receive the latest news and information from your COI leaders. If you are a COI leader, you can read more about how to post an announcement to your COI with the new forum structure.

ex. Forum on COI homepage:

ex. Forum topic preview on COI homepage:

 » Joining COIs

You will see that COIs now have options to join on individual COI homepages, and on the COI listing.

ex. Join button on COI homepage:


ex. Join button on COI listing:


Opting in to join a COI means you will be listed as a member of the COI, you will be subscribed to its discussion forum, and you will receive a once a week email detailing any activity that has taken place in COIs you are a member of, or have favorited.

ex. Once a week “favorites” notification email:

 » Important Points about the New COI Structure

  • If you were subscribed to a COI before March 1, 2017, you have already been added as a member of the COIs you were previously subscribed to. This means that all your existing subscriptions stay in place, but you will also begin receiving once a week “favorites” emails.
  • You can still login to the website and drop into COI conversations, blogs, and file libraries as needed—there is no additional fee to join a COI.
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