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Tips on How to Make the LNG Quarterly Incentive

Mar 22, 2017

I asked a few of our LNGs for some helpful hints on how they achieved  the quarterly LNG incentives and here are some tips:

  • Post everything you do on the AADE Calendar, such as telephone meeting or your quarterly meeting.
  • Have someone designated to post on the AADE website.
  • After you post on the calendar, follow-up with a discussion that you have a meeting posted. (this is very important).
  • Use the MY AADE NETWORK event module for all of your events no matter how small, or even if there is no charge.
  • Use the MY AADE NETWORK event module for your vendors. After the event is set up, send the link to my vendors and ask them to register. This helps keep track of who has committed. This also helps for the vendors sending in checks after the event.
  • Use the Basic Event Setup Form and have Cindy set up your events for you! This has been the most helpful and time saving form for our LNG.

Please take a moment to check out the Basic Event Setup Form. I understand that setting up events is not always easy for some. Let me take this over for you and your job will become so much easier!

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