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60 Minute Volunteer Opportunities and 10 Ways to Thank Your Volunteers

Apr 14, 2017

Looking for ways to encourage members in your group to volunteer if the time commitment involved with committees, task forces, or holding a leadership position keeps many of them from contributing to your MY AADE NETWORK group? Here are some 60 minute volunteer opportunities to engage these members:

  • Welcome members and non-members as they come to a meeting
  • Pick up a speaker at the airport, or take them to the airport after their presentation
  • Introduce a speaker at the meeting
  • Create a blog or start a discussion thread
  • Send a letter to a congressman to support AADE’s advocacy initiatives
  • Serve as a facilitator at one session at a meeting
  • Contribute articles or educational resources that can be posted to the group’s online file library
  • Contribute suggestions for future programs or speakers

How can you later thank your volunteers when you are working with a small budget? Here are some ideas:

  • Surprise them with a phone call (just to check in and say thank you)
  • Send them a hand-written thank you note
  • Give them a shout out on MY AADE NETWORK
  • Give them a shout out at your next meeting or event
  • Host and event exclusively for your volunteers (even if it is a pizza or a dessert reception)
  • Take pictures of them on the job, frame those pictures, and present them to your volunteers as gifts
  • Surprise them with a small gift such as a Starbucks gift card
  • Provide them with a gift from the CB and LNG Store
  • Present them with a certificate of appreciation
  • Consider providing them with discounts at one of your future events
National Volunteer Month is a wonderful opportunity for Pati, Cindy, John, and I to send our thank you for all the work you do to support your CB or LNG or COI and to let you know how grateful we feel to be able to work with such passionate and committed volunteers.
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