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Apr 14, 2017

I am thrilled to announce that AADE has simplified the process of starting and sustaining a National Diabetes Prevention Program with the launch of the AADE Prevention Network.

If you are one of the many programs already offering diabetes prevention but not receiving – or maximizing – reimbursement, then that is about to change. Currently, AADE offers both CDC approved Lifestyle Coach Trainings as well as Building Your Diabetes Prevention Program Workshops to help DPP staff navigate this changing landscape. AADE knows we need all hands on deck in order to serve the 86 million Americans (1 in 3 adults) with prediabetes!

We’ve learned a lot in our 5 years of administering the National DPP under our agreement with the CDC, particularly what makes a DPP program successful. It is with that knowledge that we created and launched the new AADE Prevention Network! Our goal is to get DPP programs up and running and ready to obtain CDC Preliminary/Full Recognition so they can bill Medicare and other payers, and ensure programs are efficient, effective and sustainable.

The AADE Prevention Network offers detailed reports on insurance coverage of DPP; a forum to exchange ideas, templates, tools and education on best practices and how to overcome challenges; and a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant participant data tracking and analysis tool called DAPS™.

DAPS data-base is really the centerpiece of this new DPP Network: No more Excel spreadsheet! DAPS provides real-time reporting and analysis of program and participant data in a dashboard format, and the ability to compare your data to CDC standards anytime and generate participant level data as well as your CDC required data submission at the click of a button. DAPS also allows you to collects other information like A1C’s values and physician information. The best part is, programs own their own data!

The AADE Prevention Network will be available to any CDC Pending or Fully Recognized DPP program via an annual subscription. One fee ($400) will give you and all your locations and staff unlimited access. Check it out today at

Also, please note that I am traveling to many NACDD sponsored State Engagements to present the AADE DPP model of implanting the National DPP within certified DSMES programs (DEAP and ERP). This year, I will be presenting at the meetings in Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. Also, if you are hosting a diabetes educator meeting in your state and are interested in AADE presenting (either remotely or in person) or would like informational handouts to include in your meeting materials, please contact me to let me know how we can best assist your needs.

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