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Grant Writing 101: How to Fund Your Conference

Apr 14, 2017

Grant writing can be a daunting task; however, preparation can make both the process easier and yield great rewards. Before you start you will need:

  • Your conference budget
  • Your conference description and educational outcomes
  • A completed W-9 form signed by an AADE official
  • AADE's Firewall policy on promotional and educational activities
  • AADE's Internal Revenue Service determination letter

As of the date of this writing, these five pharmaceutical companies grant funds for diabetes-related conferences:

Peruse each website to see if you will need anything else as requirements may change. Give yourself ample time, as pharmaceutical companies require that you submit your request and supporting documents at least 90 days before your event begins.

Once you identify which companies you will apply to, set time aside to start your grant applications. You will need to create an account for each website that you submit an application to. Save your log-on details, in case you decide to submit another grant request at a later time or for another educational activity. This is also helpful too if in the future someone else in your state's coordinating body assumes grant-writing responsibilities. Log the date you submitted your application; it will help you figure out when you need to check back on the status of your request.

Most, if not all, companies fund educational activities targeting a disease state for which they carry a portfolio of drugs, so if you apply to a company that only carries drugs intended for, say, heart disease and not diabetes, it's likely that they will reject your application. When you submit your conference budget, keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies are more likely to fund essential costs such speaker's fees and travel costs than for non-essential costs such as tote bags, meals for attendees, or printing the save-the-date postcard.

Keep your coordinating body's treasurer informed throughout the process. Let him or her know which companies you applied to, and, most important, if your grant requests are approved and the dollar amount paid to AADE directly. The treasurer will work with AADE's accounting department to monitor when grant funds are received.

As always, contact AADE if you have questions or need guidance. Happy grant writing!

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