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Who is Speaking for Us?

Apr 14, 2017

AADE will hold its 2017 Public Policy Forum (PPF) on May 5 and 6 in Chicago, Illinois at the Rosemont Hilton Hotel.

The basic goals of the PPF 2017 are to:

  • Promote and advance the state and federal legislative and policy agendas of the AADE;
  • Build a state-based cadre of subject-matter advocates who can speak on federal and state-based issues;
  • Train AADE members on how to interact with policy makers and to move AADE’s agenda forward, and;
  • Give members to tools they need to protect and advance diabetes education.

Attendees will include State Grassroots Coordinators, Advocacy Committee members, members-at-large, Coordinating Body leaders, AADE officers and Board Members.

The PPF 2017 is an opportunity for members to meet other AADE activists and help expand and improve our advocacy program.

Some of the subject matter to be covered includes:

  • Federal healthcare reform and how AADE members can play a role in shaping it;
  • How AADE members can push back against “step-therapy” or “fail first” prescription drug schemes;
  • The impact of diabetes on communities of color;
  • How you can improve your advocacy skills
  • What have other members accomplished in advocacy;
  • What you need to do if your program is under financial pressure.

This PPF will have practical information, tips and tactics that members can bring back to their states and improve diabetes education.

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