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AADE Social Media Guidelines for Coordinating Bodies (CBs), Local Networking Groups (LNGs) and Communities of Interest (COIs)

May 12, 2017

Official AADE social media platforms can always be used as an example when creating an AADE CB or LNG page. It is important for AADE CBs, LNGs and COIs to distinguish themselves as an AADE-affiliated organization when creating and maintaining their own pages. This is also true when creating social media events that include AADE’s name.

To ensure a smooth setup process, all CB, LNG and COI social media channels must be initially approved through AADE. Please email



  • Engage with followers in a fun and meaningful way with content you deem appropriate to share
  • Share pictures from your CB/LNG/COI events (just be sure to let them know this might appear on social media)
  • Reach out to if you have any questions or concerns



  • We ask that you do not feature any commercial products on your social media pages as this could imply an endorsement by AADE
  • Please read the article before you share. Sometimes what sounds like a good headline might have incorrect information buried further down.
  • Due to HIPAA concerns, please do not share any patient information on your CB/LNG/COI social media channels
  • Engage in debate with “trolls” – users who periodically attack AADE and other professional organizations in a malicious and libelous manner

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