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MAC, but no cheese

Jun 14, 2017

Note: Often we hear that MY AADE NETWORK leaders are not familiar with the Member Affiliates Council (MAC) Co-facilitators.  We are sharing an article from earlier this year from Chris Memering which helps to explain this important volunteer group.

Good day members!

Last week we had our first call of the 2017 MAC co-facilitators. Fernando Carrillo (OR CB), Sam Grossman (NJ CB), Melanie Teslik (NY CB), Amanda Stahnke (Pharm COI), and Molly (D.Tech COI) are the 2017 MAC co-facilitators. These 5 awesome volunteers, Nadine Merker (Director of Member & Volunteer Engagement), Pati Mangano (Senior Manager, Volunteer Engagement), Cindy Wilson (Volunteer Engagement Coordinator), and I as the Member Affiliates Liaison (MAL) to the Board of Directors, make up the MAC.

One of the topics that came up was that other members do not know what the MAC is.  Okay, so some defining time.  MAC stands for Member Affiliates Council. This is a group is formed from the volunteer leaders involved in the states Coordinating Bodies (CBs) and the leaders of the Communities of Interest (COIs). Each fall, the Volunteer Engagement Staff at AADE ask for anyone willing to give a little more of their time to be a representation of the volunteer leaders to the Engagement Staff and myself, and thus the Board of Directors. The co-facilitators for the Council are then chosen from this group of upstanding volunteers; 3 from the CB representation and 2 from the COI representation.  Having this mix gives the council a great perspective.

The Council responsibilities include four conference calls a year, posting on the leadership forum, and writings like this once (maybe twice) a year for this awesome Volunteer Newsletter. The calls are a bigger way for the staff to engage with leaders and get their perspective on a variety of topics, including how to make the organization better for members and leaders. This is also great for me as the MAL to the board, because it gives me that “straight from the mouth” thought of the members to take with me to the board meetings. It is the voice of the membership!

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