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Time to Plan for the Next Leaders…

Sep 12, 2017

As we transition from summer to fall, it reminds us that we need to begin to make plans to provide for another upcoming change- looking ahead to your group’s 2018 leaders.

Hopefully your CB, LNG or COI Leadership Team has already discussed the transition process, but if not here are some suggestions/questions to discuss in beginning this process:

For the CBs- Is the Chair a one- or two-year position? If your CB Chair is a one-year position, once the selection of the 2018 CB team is finalized, its first duty will be to select the new CB chair.  With the State Coordinating Body Training registration opening this month, it is important that the new Chair is decided as soon as possible so that he/she can register and attend the January 12-13 program in Chicago.

If your CB chair is a 2-year term, then your group can move on to look at your other CB team member positions. Which team members are going to serve a consecutive term and which of the team members will be leaving?  It’s important for continuity to have rotating positions, however multiple consecutive terms are not encouraged for the entire CB team since you want to assure greater volunteer involvement across the state.   Once it is determined who is leaving your CB team and based on your method of CB representation (i.e., did each LNG send a representative or was there a call for volunteers from the entire state), you will follow this same procedure to fill to open positions.   Please see pages 11- 13 of MY AADE NETWORK Leadership Manual on the selection process for CB team members.

For the LNGs- The process is similar for the LNGs.  Strive for a 1-2 year position as needed for the LNG leader and team members- while discouraging multiple consecutive terms for all positions to encourage greater volunteer opportunities.  Please see pages 19-20 of MY AADE NETWORK Leadership Manual on the selection process for both LNG team members and team leaders.

For CB, LNG, and COI MY AADE NETWORK Administrators- We would encourage any group whose administrators are not planning to continue their duties in 2018 to begin mentoring another volunteer to assume this role as soon as possible.  The one-to-one mentoring your current administrator can provide to a new volunteer is invaluable to having a smooth administrator transition!

For the COIs- Some COIs had previously selected a Chair-elect or a Leader-elect and therefore have someone to assume the 2018 leader position.  If a Chair-elect is not in place, rather than having formal election and elected positions, the leadership should be selected from the current volunteers within a COI.  Generally, the current leadership team, with assistance with AADE staff as requested, will identify and cultivate the new leaders.  Please see pages 10-12  of the Community of Interest Leadership Manual for more information.

We encourage you to make “Transition Process for 2018  Leaders” one of the topics of your next leader team call or face to face meeting. And as always, Pati and I are ready to help you with questions.

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